Granna Basham, Don Basham’s Wife Beautiful Moment!


Mom and I went out this evening. From the moment I picked her up at her assisted living residence (she is 84) and she got in the car, this was the essence of her conversation; “You’re so sweet to come and get me. I just thank the Lord for you! Don’t we have a wonderful Heavenly Father? He’s just SO GOOD – I’m just so grateful.” (Me; “What are you grateful for about Him, Mom?”) Mom: “Well, He’s been so good to me, my whole life. But mostly, I’m so grateful just for HIM. For who He IS. He’s just so AMAZING!! Sometimes I can hardly stand to think about what He is like–how good He is, and how loving and gracious to us.” We were out for a couple of hours, and this was pretty much the entire conversation. At one point I asked what was, to me, a kind of daring question: “But Mom, weren’t you kind of mad at God when Dad died?” (My dad, who was wonderful, was the love of her life – actually he was pretty much her entire life. She was 58 when he died.) Her eyes widened in disbelief…”How could I be mad?? I was so grateful that He had given me your Dad for as long as I had him…he didn’t belong to me. He belonged to God.” Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. I want to be exactly like you if I ever grow up. I love you. ❤️❤️❤️

(Reposted with permission from Shari Basham)


One thought on “Granna Basham, Don Basham’s Wife Beautiful Moment!

  1. You have such a loving and supportive family and their love for the Lord and each other really shows! It must be so hard to lose the love of your life, the one that you shared all the ups and downs of life with; it must be like losing a part of yourself and I don’t believe that a love like that ever dies but it’s true that they don’t belong to us forever, they belong to Jesus and He knows what’s best for us all. When we love and put our trust in Him though, we know that he will get us through these difficult times in our lives and we can live in the hope that we will be reunited with them one day. Thank God for loving families that are there for each other, they are our greatest treasure on earth!

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