This is the great deception. He casts a veil over one significant fact: that freedom in the temporal world is not freedom at all, for it will end. Be forewarned. Though this freedom of worldly thought seems appealing, its joys are fleeting. Such freedom fades after it leads one down the road to bondage in the spirit.

    42. The spirit world is the real world, where things live on for eternity. The physical world is fleeting, here today and gone tomorrow. I have put things all around you that illustrate this point. The life of man is a prime example, for what man in his flesh can live forever? Not one. Life in the human form is but a vapor, here a little while and then gone. The flowers bloom and later fade and wither away; the harvest of the field is for a time and then passes. All of this is representative of the fact that this present world will pass away and be no more.

    43. I give you the truth. I open to you the reality of the world of the spirit, the real world, that which exists for eternity, that which is not bound in time and does not hide behind false fronts.

    44. It is under this guise of the desire for worldly freedom that the commander of the evil forces seeks to control one’s thoughts. All thoughts and the thought patterns they form blaze trails that lead to one of two places in the spirit world. Those who seek to fill their thoughts with that which is worldly blaze for themselves a trail that leads to sorrow. Those who seek to fill their thoughts with My truth, who seek after godly knowledge and wisdom, blaze for themselves a trail that leads to life and happiness.

    45. This concept of “freedom of thought” is the Devil’s ruse to entice those who are unaware to walk down dangerous pathways which lead to desolation. These paths do not lead to true freedom in pleasant places, but to captivity in desolate places–places where there is no happiness to be found; places where peace does not exist, dry and barren wastelands. He seeks to imprison his subjects in his spiritual barracks of hell–in a life without love, a life without Me, a life without peace and true happiness, a life without the true freedom of My Spirit.

    46. I am good. I am peace. I am happiness. I am love. I am freedom! The Devil is pride, hate, frustration, coldness, bitterness, loneliness and bondage. He seeks to win others to his side through the deceit of the freedom of worldly thought. If they swallow his bait, he knows they will be forging their own pathway that will lead them into his spiritual wastelands.

    47. He has injected many philosophies throughout the Earth. He has planted many thought patterns, false doctrines of devils, which are not of Me. Beware lest you be spoiled through philosophy, through vain deceit, through thought patterns of this world–that which is fleeting and false, that which will not last. (End of message from Jesus.)


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