Big Blessing from Mike David, and Taking Stand on God’s Freedom VS the World’s!

I just found this from a few months ago, whew!  From this video

Amen Mike, PTL. How beautifully the Spirit shines through you as you extol the truth virtues of the power of God’s Spirit as it moved through the men and women of God who dedicated their lives to the truth among the children of David. What a glorious hope it is to know that the revolution will never die and that neither the powers of darkness through this anti-christ world nor the egocentric blindness of the majority of the institutional church system of today can deter the will of God in establishing the radical, passionately in love with Jesus, end times fellowships which He is creating and breathing new life into. Your dedication to the new and visionary truths of God is a deadly threat to the powers of darkness and their desires to rock those who once were on fire for God to sleep. Your willingness to persevere in holding true to the truths you have been taught causes you to be a thorn in the side of Satan as he seeks to twist every truth and every natural and pure thing into something ugly using ‘logic’ and pseudo-righteousness to do it. May the spirit of radical freedom continue to broadcast loud and clear through your dropped out life as you hold the torch high and expose through light all that should be exposed. May the freedoms of the Spirit and the liberties given to the children of God prevail. There has been such a twisting and reversing of roles which has so harmed the godly natural affections and passions between men and women that today it is almost shameful to be a real and genuine man’s man or true lady. Good lord!!! May God help us all to get back to the natural ways, functions and roles which He established and truly blessed. Only a true man can appreciate a true woman and vice-versa. And so much of this mess has come from the unnatural attitude towards sex and companionship which has been in the Church for hundreds of years. This has caused a desire to seek expression in just about every way other than God’s good natural loving freedom of love and sex which He created for us to enjoy and glorify Him through. May God help us all to get back to the freedom of His Spirit, the liberties we have in grace and the power to wisely and spiritually fulfill those freedoms and anointings to serve one another in love and share in the pleasures of Heaven here on earth. How beautifully God has created the sexes and their functions and pleasures, and how completely we have messed it up. May God help us to forsake all, and in forsaking all to take up the challenge of truly living in the selfless naked and wild abandonment of the passions of the freedom of the Spirit of God, as we are formed into the separate unspotted and untarnished sexy bride for our Groom. May we be willing as a peculiar people to step out by faith and live the callings we have been given to be married to Christ and each other as a people defined by the New Covenant of life with all its developing and life changing freedoms and dedication, with no hang-ups from the past or old decrepit rigid and frigid ideologies of the barren unfruitful and unyielded wife of Old Testament times. May we be hot for his seeds and willing to be delivered from the stigma of shame which satan has cast over the earth in relation to natural loving heterosexual sex and the unity of the spirit among us vibrant brides of Christ which draws us to our Groom and each other with cords of love that run deeper than and transcend the boundaries of our personal comfort zones. Praise God for the power of your spirit in being a whole new nation built on different principles and ever lasting standards. May the strongholds of self preservation and self love be cast down in favor of total surrender to the Spirit’s leading in sharing our lives and the love of God with each other with no boundaries other than the will of God and His leading of the Spirit in that moment, being willing to follow Him step by step into true realms of newness and life and loving for all.



2 thoughts on “Big Blessing from Mike David, and Taking Stand on God’s Freedom VS the World’s!

  1. Ooh la la, your friend sure is hot! It’s the prolific writer isn’t it, well I don’t know what else he writes but I’ll give him 10/10 for passion and boldness here, this is pretty sexy ha!

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  2. Oh how Satan loves to set these little traps for us and if we let our guard down for one split second then we walk right into them, he really doesn’t miss a trick does he! He literally can take anything we say and even the things that we don’t say and make something impure and tainted out of it so I suppose I’d better attempt to explain my comment above for what it’s worth, even though I suspect he’s done his absolute worst by now and firmly fixed his lies about me into people’s minds once again. Why wouldn’t he try the same old tactics again, after all, they worked so well the last time! Divide and conquer is his whole game plan after all and Christians make it so damn easy for him! Still, I knew it was coming so no surprise at all! Dear old Stan knows me so well after all, he knows that I can never resist the urge when I read stuff like this (your friend’s comment) to give people a little acid test to see if they are in fact as bold and liberally minded as they come across. I usually discover that most people aren’t or that they are not so ultra shockproof as they like to think they are ha! I already found that out from past mistakes though so I really should have learned my lesson by now. So that was the intention of my comment, simply to make a point (it seems that I proved my point very well, much to my own detriment!) and for NO other reason – I don’t even know your friend! Maybe he will never read this anyway and is just another one of those mysterious commenters that you get on your YT channel that seem to come and go. It kinda reminds me of an ongoing soap opera sometimes of which I don’t really wish to be a part of! So as much as I’d like to or should even encourage you, it seems that it’s too dangerous to do that in words that can be so easily twisted and misinterpreted, so it will have to be in prayers instead. As for Satan dragging me down this time, well fingers up to him because I really don’t care anymore, in fact I’m laughing! No need to respond here Michael, I know you’re busy and so am I, minding my own business, getting on with my blog, and my life – in peace! GBY for your effects to unite people – blame it all on Stan – it’s all his fault and it always has been!


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