(Jesus:) The Wildcats of Heaven are an awesome army of fighters that you don’t call on nearly enough. They specialize in defeating the Enemy in any battle, and in making short work of it. They are an army that will defeat and scatter the Enemy anytime, anywhere, and in any circumstances.

83. I call them in when I need an instant and decisive victory, when I need the battlefield cleansed of the Enemy and victory won in a moment. They possess My raw power and will to fight in such quantity that they can never be defeated or even delayed. The moment they set out to battle, their roar lets the Enemy know that his end is near. But before he can decide on what to do, or even turn around to run, they’re upon him, tearing his power to shreds and claiming instant victory.

84. They carry a special golden key around their necks. This is the key of divine fury, and it embodies My power and will to destroy the Evil One. This key fills them with My attitude and power, and the result is an unbeatable combination that defeats the Enemy every time.

85. Femura, queen of the Wildcats of Heaven, trains and leads them. She will teach you how to best use their help, or be an intermediary between your need and their answer. Call on her and you call on them, for she is their head and caretaker. She is like one of them, but not. She is catlike, but not entirely feline.

86. Now, you may feel it’s a little exaggerated to say that these beings win any victory instantly, and that if you call on them, the victory is guaranteed and quick. You’re probably wondering‚ what’s the catch, what’s your part or what might hold them back from giving you that full victory?

87. Well, there’s no catch‚ but there are rules. First of all, nothing and no one but Me can hold them back; and secondly, their job is only to win the initial victory for you. What they do is break the Enemy’s attack, rout him, and send him screaming back to where he came from in many pieces. This gives you a moment of clarity, of freedom from the cloud of attack, and then it is your responsibility to do something about it—to call down specialized help for the battle you’re fighting, to get ahold of Me and find the secret to a lasting victory; in short, to fight for yourself.

88. Their role is to relieve you so that you can find your footing and get specialized help from the helpers who help specifically in the area you’re battling.

89. They can also add a boost to any one of My attacking armies, and will do so if asked.

90. Another role they will gladly play for a short time is that of defenders. They can protect you—or someone you’re praying for—if you ask for that.

91. And, of course, just as you can call on them for yourself, so you can call on their help for someone else. In fact, they have a very useful role in intercessory prayer, and if you call for their help for someone else who is in the midst of battle, they’ll be there to relieve that person, to boost their counterattack, and to give them a chance to see things better and mount their own offense.

92. Three things greatly increase their power: praise, prayer, and love. Praise boosts their attacking speed and efficacy, and the results are usually a more lasting reprieve or an easier battle for you. Prayer activates them. Someone has to call for their help before they can be released by My hand to do their job. And love motivates you‚ usually in intercessory prayer, to put your heart into it and release their full force to break and rout the Enemy’s attack‚ giving the one under attack the chance to see for themselves and have some space to launch a counterattack.

93. It’s important to remember to call on them for any and all battles with the Enemy, not expecting them to do it all for you, but knowing that their fighting skill is a great contribution to any battle. They can defend too, but they’re much more effective in attacking first and being proactive and offensive. That’s their forte. I want My Family to call on their help much more. Claim their attacking power in any battle with the Devil and you will see greater results. (End of message.)

94. (Jesus: ) My Wildcats are expert fighters that know no defeat. Their role in combat is quick and decisive. They go in and mop things up—no questions asked, no delays. They fight the Enemy anytime, anywhere, and under any circumstances.

95. When I allow them to be released, there is no half-victory, no compromise or difficulty. The Enemy is swiftly defeated.

96. Now, don’t confuse this with a permanent victory. Because they fight and defeat the Enemy, they can clean your house, so to speak, but then there are things that only you can do to keep it clean, to strengthen your defenses and fill up the empty space.

97. So their quick and decisive victory opens the way for a permanent victory, but they won’t hand you an instant and painless victory with no effort on your part. They pave the way, they clear the space, but then you must do your part. (End of message.)

In summary:

98. The Wildcats of Heaven are all-around fighters that win quick victories over the Enemy in any battle for anything. (See the original message in ML #3151:4–7.) They don’t give you a permanent victory, however. They will either boost your offense or get rid of the Devil long enough so that you can see clearly and call for specialized help or otherwise mount an offense.

99. What they do for you, they will do for others too if you ask, so they have an important role in intercessory prayer. Femura is queen of the Wildcats in Heaven. Her role is intermediary between the Wildcats and those who need them. As well, she can help you to know how to make the most of their attacking power, and train you in using their help.

More on the key of fury

100. (Jesus: ) The full name of this key is divine fury, because it’s the embodiment of My righteous anger at the Devil. You can claim this key for yourselves, but it will always come together with the Wildcats, because they are, in a way, the embodiment of this key—just as it embodies My power and will to fight. Claim the keys of My divine fury and the Wildcats of Heaven, and both will come rushing to your aid faster than you can say “amen.”

101. The key of fury is not a light key, and I see that it could be one that “inspires” the hearts of some of My more vengeance-prone brides in the wrong way. It can seem rather glorious and powerful to call down divine fury to fight the Enemy of your souls, but you must remember that it’s a whole attitude that it brings down‚ and that includes a load of humility, dependence on Me, and being desperate for My mind. It includes the totality of My fighting and overcoming Spirit, and I am not a spirit of pride, neither is it by pride that I win or am great.

102. Rather, it’s humility that makes Me great, together with love and other things. This key cannot be activated by those who are in a proud or self-aggrandizing spirit. It will simply not work. So take heed that your attitude is right when you would use this key. (End of message.)


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