Below the Belt

Virginia is a real fighter if I’ve ever seen one! Claiming the Keys and her healing in the Name of Jesus!

Mystery of the Iniquity


Upon researching for this article, pages would not load….screen froze…etc. Here we go…

I will put my past history in here at first. I’m sure to get mockers but it’s okay. I’ve learned that this is a good sign…lol. When you’re hitting the nail on the head, it’s to be expected.

Several years ago, GOD placed it upon my soul to begin working for HIM! I was not surprised because HE tried this in my younger days but I was too busy partying. Shame on me. Not long after that,…maybe two years or so…HE placed it upon my heart to begin supernatural warfare for those who don’t know how to free themselves.

Satan has relentlessly tried to destroy my labors for GOD!


I have had a history of issues…lots of them. Sad to say, but true. I only speak of this not to show fear but strength!

In 1990, I…

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