Karen Lane on Ian Clayton VS. David Berg!

Christian Mystic Battle!   . . . well, sort of.   I’m curious about what most people’s reactions would be to the writings of David Berg or witnessing the sample of his spiritual children in this generation.  Surely they represent something very unique in this generation!

And speaking of them thar Christian mystics, wouldn’t it be cool to see these different mystical dudes duke it out in a spiritual sparring match?   I may only be fantasizing but I can still indulge!  AND NOW, KAT KERR, IAN CLAYTON AND DAVID BERG ARE GOING TO TEST OUT THEIR SPIRITUAL METTLE IN THE HEAVENLY ARENA!!

OK all sillynesss aside.  I agree for the most part with Karen’s reply to my question in a recent video:

 what do you think of some of the more recent GN revelations of all the spirit helpers and MOs various mystical experiences?

to which she answered in her usual exact and excellently crafted manner:

I believe that when you get filled with the Holy Spirit then you not only get the Holy Spirit but you also get other spirit helpers that come with it, be they angelic or departed saint. “Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” There are unlimited resources and heavenly help available to us but it’s all dependant upon the choices that we make, whether we’re going God’s way or not, and how much faith we’ve got of course as to whether they are in a position to help us so they are either loosed or bound by our decisions. If we choose to go God’s way and we need help in an area of expertise that is not available to us here on earth then we can ask for a heavenly helper that will assist us in those areas, so yes, I most definitely believe in spirit helpers as we can read of in the Bible! As for David’s mystical experiences and various spirit trips, well, I honesty believe that God was behind the initiative of David in that he chose to serve God 100% and to present himself as a standard bearer to the world, he therefore received a lot of help from the other world and was an incredibly spiritual, and genuinely Spirit led person and every child of David that I’ve ever met has been led by this same spirit, there is always that spiritual connection to be made with them so in that way I’d have to say that they are the spiritual elite in that it’s totally real with them. The spiritual experiences that he had were not just imagined, I believe that they were real in that he literally had outer body experiences, so again, I most definitely believe that stuff is real for sure! People may of course point to his mistakes but I choose to believe that every King, saint, or prophet in the Bible was both man/King, man/saint and man/prophet and so being human of course, they made some terrible mistakes. That’s the good thing about the Bible that makes it more believable in that it also talks about the mistakes that the great men of the Bible made, this not taking away their credibility but rather giving them more credibility because of the honesty so people shouldn’t forget that when they are so quick to judge or dismiss people. As for my thoughts on these people like Ian Clayton and Neville Johnson, well, all I can say to that is that when you’ve tasted and experienced the supernatural, genuine 100%, not fake, not imagined, Spirit of God, then anyone else that comes along and tries to present you with their version of reality that is in anyway removed from actual reality, well, you should be able to make the comparison right away and see it as the counterfeit that it actually is – any genuine Child of God that isn’t able to do that is either not allowing themselves to be totally led of the Spirit or else they have one foot still in the world!

Having just had an amazing fellowship with a great number of faithful “Children of David” (plus a few others) I have to say, we have something very unique in this contingent.  Whether Ian and Neville and others have seen or not seen what they speak of, I’d sure like to see some of them step outside the system!  That’s the main reason I’d rather live around you guys than any church.  Yesterday Grant Mahoney contacted me asking me to take down some videos Ginny had sent me from the conference earlier this year in Texas.  That is fine, and he has every right to do so but I got a sense of “this is mine, we need this for our own thing” feeling and a real lack of any of that desperate firing away and sharing the truth that I love among people in the Family and in the InfoWar.  My vision is to bring as many people together who are game, and we’ll sort out the differences along the way (or maybe in Heaven, or maybe never, ha) so we can defeat the Devil!  So far I’ve seen a lot of the spirit helpers that people in WS “imagined” come true, such as Arcothon and the Wild Cats as well as the Key Craft and others.  For me the imagination question is a very important one because I know that some of the later generation of the Family are not so spiritually gifted as David was but yet were still encouraged (and I hope they still are) to percieve some of these spiritual entities that they are equiped with as you mentioned after recieving the Holy Spirit.  In any case, we see through a glass darkly and until we meet God face to face I’m sure some of our perception of that realm might be sketchy (in the artistic sense of the word).  But as long as it’s a weapon I can fire against the Enemy, I want to use it and encourage others to use it as well!  Thank you for always taking the time to reply in such eloquence, and for your continued shepherding as it comes greatly appreciated.



2 thoughts on “Karen Lane on Ian Clayton VS. David Berg!

  1. I think if you look at David Bergs past prophetic dreams he clearly predicted events such as the mark of beast being a microchip, and its clear the man was being directed supernaturally by dreams. I agree with Karen Lane that David was a prophetic evangelist sent to lead a Jesus youth movement. I don’t know much about Ian Clayton so I cant really comment on his ministry as I don’t know much about him, but I know you (Michael) have had a lot of positive things to say about Ian Clayton so I’m sure Ian is making a diligent effort to follow Jesus as best he can. I think Karen Lane also makes some good comments about man being imperfect and fallible, perfect people do not exist, and I have made enough major blunders in my life and Christian walk; to admit I too have made major mistakes. The best thing to do is follow Jesus as best we can despite our mistakes and to not judge others. I think David Berg and TFI did a lot of positive things for Jesus and we should really focus on that. God bless you folks.

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  2. Thanks for your kind words here but I honestly don’t deserve them at all and neither do I think of myself as anyone’s shepherd because I most certainly don’t have all the answers. I suppose I have found your YT channel interesting though and believe it or not I do see the angle that you are coming from in posting some of these people that we’ve mentioned, they have similarities with some of the mystical experiences that David had and for anyone that is interested in the more mystical side of life then yes, I can see what the appeal might be for these people but the problem is that that’s where the truth ends I’m afraid and the imagination begins so when I read some of the comments you get, especially from young people that are receiving all this as truth then I just feel like I have to say something and I’m probably pretty outspoken at times. It’s not that I mean to be rude or that I’m judging others, it’s more a case of being passionate for the truth and feeling strong about exposing anything or anyone that just isn’t 100% real. Jesus only abides in the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth and He does not compromise! Can I explain my reasons for seeing these people as fake though? No not really! Something inside of me just won’t receive them or their words and it’s more than just personal appeal, in the spiritual sense of the word – it’s all just spiritual junk food! I think that all any of us can do is speak the truth as we’ve witnessed and experienced it and as real as it is to us and Jesus can then anoint our words, however eloquent they are or not, as long as we abide in truth then that’s all that really matters and the rest is a miracle! As for differences and all that stuff you mention here, well, I don’t think anybody can possibly consider themselves the elite in Spirit unless they are the elite in Love and that means being willing to forgive and forget and hold no grudges and to encourage one another. Otherwise, what are we even fighting for!


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