1. I WAS SO HOLY & SO GOOD IN SO MANY WAYS & SUCH A DEDICATED CHRISTIAN, I WOULD’VE BEEN SO SELF-RIGHTEOUS & HOLIER-THAN-THOU YOU COULDN’T HAVE TOUCHED ME WITH A TEN-FOOT POLE! I couldn’t have stood these stinking hippies & their filth & I never could have understood or stood them, I could never have had sympathy or compassion or really loved them, if God hadn’t permitted me, in fact nearly forced me, into such a situation so that I cannot brag about my own holiness being suitable enough to suit the church!–I have nothing to brag about!
2. NOW I WOULD HAVE TO SAY TO MY ENEMIES, LIKE ST. DOMINIC, “YES, YOU’RE RIGHT!–I’M GUILTY OF ALL THESE THINGS! In fact, I’m much worse than you think! I’M terrible! But look at the LORD!–Isn’t He wonderful? In spite of me & what I’m like, look at the LORD. Look at my children & what the Lord’s doing through them!”
3. God had to put me in such a situation so that it’s impossible for me to condemn anybody for almost anything, because there is hardly anything that one of our dirtiest hippies have done that I haven’t also done!–Which is really what the Lord Himself did when He descended to the Earth & took on the clown clothes of humanity! He suffered all the things humans suffer.
4. God had to do it to humble me & to keep me humble or this whole thing might have gone to my head. It could have, but I’m so nothing & such a mess that, when God even speaks to me about “David,” I’m almost afraid & ashamed to say it because I feel so unworthy! But I know God is trying to show it’s only HIM. The David of the Spirit is all HIS creation, all HIS work.–Not this foul David that you can see with your naked eye, but THAT David which the LORD has created by HIS Spirit, the KING of HIS people!
5. (Prophecy & weeping:) “For it is I that have made thee & not thou thyself! For My hand alone hath fashioned thee. For I did take thee from that exalted pedestal whereon thou wast enthroned & did break thee & cast thee into the dust, that I might mold thee & make thee a BETTER vessel!”
6. I was an ornament in the House of God, a beautiful vessel sitting on the mantelpiece, which many did look upon & admire, the praise of my Mother’s friends! I was the church’s creation & doting son, the very way they wanted me to be. But God had to cast me off & break me & grind me into the dirt, so that He could take me & fashion me again into what HE wanted me to be, which was not at all what the CHURCHES wanted me to be! In fact, He has made me into such an ugly vessel that I am like the slop bucket under the bed as far as the church people are concerned!
7. But I am a whole lot more useful as the potty under the bed, to catch all their excrement & dung that THEY would have thrown out of the window! God has let me catch it & has reconstituted it & He can use it again.
8. And that’s what God has done with us: He has shown He can re-use the waste materials of the Earth, the weak things, the vile, the foolish, the broken, the worthless, the outcasts & castoffs, & literally reconstitute them & make them BETTER & more USEFUL vessels than the fancy ornaments the church has sitting around on its mantlepiece that you can look at but not touch! The church today tries to separate themselves from the hippies because the church people think themselves so perfect, so holy!
9. But God has given us the dregs of society & the offscouring of the Earth to show what the Lord can do with it! He’s made me like the potty under the bed to catch it so it won’t go to waste & we’ve turned it into living water like gold!–Living water that is multiplied & poured again & again & again!
10. You remember that picture of Aquarius, where he is pouring out his water urn? Did you ever notice that his vessel never runs out of water? The more we pour out, the more God pours in! He helps us to take these despised vessels & He remakes them through us & makes MORE Aquarians, MORE little Davids, MORE little Moseses, ALL pouring out the living water!
11. The potty under the bed is a very despised, filthy, menial vessel, but what would the System do without it? The dirtiest job in the house is cleaning the toilet!
12. It’s the most useful thing in the house!–What would we do without a toilet! The whole house would be filthy! The toilet catches all this offscouring of the Earth & it sends it down through the pipes into the sewer & through God’s reconstitution plant, the filtering of the Earth, the sewage disposal plant, where the waste matter is removed & the dirty solids are returned to the Earth, sometimes even as fertiliser.
13. The purified water is then released into the rivers & the seas & the lakes & returned to the clouds by evaporation. The final step of purification: Distillation by being caught up in the clouds to return to Earth later as RAIN!–With US it’ll be OUR REIGN!–And “They can’t stop our rain!”–Or reign!
14. So God’s system does it all! But what am I?–I’m just a toilet that’s catching the waste of the System! Then God does the reconstituting & makes it usable again.
15. So I am a toilet!–But what would we do without toilets? I love to see them clean & smelling nice & fresh! I was this vase which the Lord cast off the shelf & broke & stomped into the mud, & then made of me a potty under the bed!–A BETTER vessel!
16. The Lord said He made me a better vessel: Not a more beautiful or a more DECORATIVE or PRETTY one, but a BETTER one–a TOILET! I have heard them pray, “Lord make me a better vessel!”, but I never heard’m pray, “Lord make me a toilet!”–I never heard of ANYBODY wanting to be a TOILET!–They all want to be something more BEAUTIFUL & USELESS–not USEFUL & essential like a TOILET!
17. There are many vessels in the house, some to honour & some to dishonour, but which is the more needed?–The beautiful vase standing as an ornament on the mantel, lovely to the eye, or even the dishes & the pots & pans in the kitchen?–No, the most needed vessel in the whole house is the lowly potty or the toilet!
18. Now you see, what I say about MYSELF is true about each of YOU, because we’re ALL in the same ministry.–Going out & salvaging the waste products of the Earth!
19. We are taking the Earth’s pollution & turning it into fresh & living water, clean & pure. Every one of you is a little toilet, the most essential vessel in God’s house! I needed to know I was a toilet, too, so I wouldn’t get exalted.
20. God has made me a toilet!–And you know, it is the one vessel in the house that everybody is ashamed of! They’re so ashamed of it that every time they use it they have to go in & lock the door! They’re even embarrassed about using it! Systemites are still ashamed of the toilet & of going to the toilet!–Just like they’re ashamed of me & you!
21. Yet that is the most essential vessel in the whole house, & the most necessary physical function that their body has to perform is going to the toilet! You can die much quicker from not being able to have bowel movements or urinate or eliminate waste matter than from being unable to take new food IN & NEW material. You can go longer without the NEW material than you can without getting RID of the OLD!
22. You know what’s wrong with the World today?–They are not taking care of their pollution! The greatest problem in the World today is not even WAR.–It is that they are not able to cope with the POLLUTION! Not only the pollution of the elements, but what is the greatest problem of society today?–They are not able to cope with the pollution that their society has produced in their OWN CHILDREN!
23. How do most Systemites look at their own children, the hippies, the present generation?–They’re embarrassed & ashamed of what they’ve produced, but they’re having to live in the midst of their own shit, the horrible little monsters they’ve produced! Their children are a pollution to the World! Everywhere you go “those awful hippies” are the most distasteful & hated of all!
24. So we are God’s toilets for their polluted youth of today, & the only way they are going to solve this overpollution of their youth, their crime, their vice & their drugs & so on, is to flush them down our toilets, GOD’S toilets, in our Homes with the water of the Word!
25. But when they do that, they have to flush them down forever & they will never again be the same! They may not even RECOGNISE them because they’ll be so RECONSTITUTED! They will only return as rain upon the Earth! That which was once piss in our toilets, next time comes down as rain from the storm clouds of the Lord.
26. I get my inspiration from Above: Somebody pulls the chain & down comes the water to fill me up & flush me out! Down comes the water from Heaven & it carries everything with it. PTL! Pretty noisy, too!–Makes a lot of racket!
27. Come to think of it, the toilet is also the noisiest vessel in the whole house!–And NO one considers it a very PLEASANT noise. In fact, most of them don’t like the noise it makes at all!–It DISTURBS them!
28. The Lord’s water flushes everything down my drain! I am nothing in the world but a channel, a receptacle, & if I didn’t keep letting it out, I’d be one Hell of a mess!
29. I serve two purposes, really: I am a receptacle for the clean water as well as for all the crap! The water washes me at the same time it begins the purification process of the waste matter. I catch it, then the Lord’s water washes it down my drain & into the sewer & through His disposal plant’s filtration system where the impurities are removed by His Holy Spirit. See, that’s GOD’S big operation: Disposal, filtration & purification.
30. By God’s final step of purification, the water becomes nothing–an invisible gas: In a sense, pure Spirit.–And it rises to a HIGHER altitude, closer to the SUN & into the HEAVENLIES!–Kind of like Salvation, huh? It is a purification, a spiritualisation. Then once it has been purified & spiritualised by the power of God’s Sun, then up there in the highest strata of the atmosphere it is allowed to cool enough that it condenses back into a liquid or actually tiny little droplets of liquid, millions of which together are called a CLOUD.
31. Only at God’s command or in obedience to His laws of nature is the cloud even allowed to descend in the form of rain to replenish the Earth! If it doesn’t obey the laws of God, it becomes “clouds without rain, blown about by every wind of doctrine”–like the churches!–Just so much hot air! No refreshing, no showers of blessing. (Read Jude.)
32. So you can be water, you can even be a Christian, but if you are not an OBEDIENT Christian, you are just like those clouds without rain or refreshing & no good to the Earth below, blown about by every wind of doctrine!
33. Have you noticed that to do any good, rain has to fall from its lofty heavenly position in the clouds from Heaven to Earth? It has to fall to the ground. It has to descend to the level of the Earth & the sheep & the grass & even become MUD for our sakes!
34. So I am just a toilet for God’s latter rain! I am just a toilet, the humblest, lowest, most despised & dishonoured of all vessels in a great house, but the most necessary!–Just to catch the waste products of society, the dregs, the offal stuff nobody wants–those “damned hippies,” “those kids” nobody wants around, society’s waste products, what they consider the POLLUTANTS of society!
35. We are just toilets to catch them, flush them, channel them, filter them, cleanse them, distil them & cause them to be so recycled that they actually vanish into thin air, they evaporate! “Where have all the children gone?” they ask us! You can just tell them: “They have evaporated! God has distilled them into the heavenly places!”
36. We are also like a cloud hanging heavy over their heads! To some we are a cloud of refreshing & blessing; to others, a storm of destruction & cursing! We are ministering unto some Salvation, to others damnation! Their children returning again recycled into fresh, clear, clean blessed rain, our rain from their waste through our toilet, become to their former households sometimes like storms & floods, but mostly rains of refreshing!
37. In my vision, the vase was thrown off the shelf almost in anger & violently by the Lord, like He didn’t like it standing there so beautiful & so USELESS like the churches! He preferred to break it & trample it in the mud, & out of that mud to make the potty, the toilet, the lowliest vessel in the house, but the most useful & the most essential!
38. Are you a gorgeous, useless, merely ornamental vase, or are you an ugly, useful, necessary toilet? Are you willing to catch the waste products of society & recycle them by the power of God’s Son into good, clean refreshing, purifying rain? If not, there is one sure thing: You will never be able to stop our rain–God’s rain!
39. A toilet is like a stool, but it can become a throne! All of us toilets can be thrones of God!–God sits on us, too! And you know what?–When GOD sits on us we become HIS THRONE! He makes of a lowly STOOL a THRONE! Other people just corrupt & defile us, but God glorifies us! It is not what goes IN that defiles it, but what comes OUT! You know what?–Out of the TANK of every TOILET comes God’s FRESH CLEAN WATER to WASH AWAY Man’s defilement!
40. Are you willing to be a toilet for Jesus?–Like me!–I am a toilet!–Are YOU?


2 thoughts on “I AM A TOILET–ARE YOU?

  1. Wow. A very powerful teaching and letter. God bless you Michael for publishing this letter and keeping David Berg’s ministry alive, I am sure the Lord is going to bless you for your efforts and use you for his service. I can relate to this letter so much. I have realized in the last year that I am literally nothing and my life has also fallen to pieces in a number of ways, but I thank God for this because in the past I was one of those self exalted church people who thought he was all that. Its so true that in the churches you exalt yourself (especially when your given opportunities to speak from the stage like I was), and you do get filled with pride and consider yourself an untouchable holier than thou person. I guess God can really humble us and he has certainly humbled me in the last couple of years. I guess all we can do is remain faithful and try to get the gospel message out to those people who society has rejected, which is what David Berg and his followers did. Thanks for remaining faithful Michael and getting the true message out.


    • You’re always a continual blessing and encouragement, brother! I don’t feel like anything and I’m just reposting old MO Letters here, but my dream is to get things more … streamlined and presentable to this age. Maybe the idea of the Letters is that we can all be witnesses and little davids! Praying for you and thinking of you recently, and claiming the Keys for your life! It’s been a state of constant upheaval here too but also miracles. One quote I like is that the reason God can’t find enough leaders is that he can’t break them fast enough. So I believe definitely you are being prepared for something! He has big plans for all of us and sometimes does let us go through it. Mega blessings, brother!


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