One thought on “Childlike interpretation of the beast in Revelation chapter 13

  1. simpletruth4today

    Karen’s brought my attention to you putting this out there on your blog. I think it will mean a lot to Samuel and Daniel. These two (our children) have made the biggest contribution to this small effort here and seeing as the opportunity has come up, I’d like to also speak spontaneously. I like to speak spontaneously because it is real. My spontaneous response to you putting this out there is that you are one of the very few people that are trying to unite Christians these days. There is one thing that all Christians should have in common inspire of all their differences and that is love. Let’s not all forget about Love! Part of what we’re all doing here on this earth is learning through making many many mistakes. There obviously has to be a balance here when we talk about mistakes but we should all acknowledge our human frailties and put these frailties behind us and press towards the mark as Paul said, not counting ourselves to have attained but this one thing we must do and that is to press forward toward the mark of the high calling of God – that’s our bullseye – finding the correct balance in life and hitting that bullseye! You should keep on with your quest to unite the brethren, I recognise this in you, if this is your message then I recognise and acknowledge that here. I hear you! – Praise Jesus from Terry!

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