5D++++ Chess!

video I had the pleasure of answering some Youtube comments on a video I made about the Trump family (which I almost died making) and had a friend mention to me thus:

Vladimir Putin also endorses Trump … if you don’t see anything wrong with that, you got problems. You’re being played like a grand piano. Cruz/Trump/Rand/Hillary/Bernie are all part of the system. But, some people like to play checkers while others play chess. Have fun with your checkers game.\
To which I felt led to reply thus:
Of course there are many problems with that, but putting them all together like that is also ridiculous.  Putin and Trump are playing 3D chess while most people are being played into the NWO’s 2D Checkers game.  I’m playing 5D++++  Spirit Chess, baby!!
If you want to know more about this, please read FlatLanders the MO Letter on how people can get stuck in the paradigm of this world.  We as Christians should be accessing the Father and our inheritance every day and operating out of the limitless spectrum of what He has awaiting for us.  We can pray for these world leaders and help them to know the Lord, as well.  I have had numerous dreams with Trump and Putin as have many other spiritual geeks that I know!

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