Rick Joyner on Colorado Election Cancellation

As the primary campaign winds down before the Democratic and Republican conventions, the citizens learn more each day how little their vote matters because the present party system is so rigged and corrupt. The Colorado Republican Party did not even try to hide its distain for the will of the people, and shut them completely out while choosing it’s delegates. Its been said for a long time that democracy is messy, and politics is an ugly business, but it has gone beyond messy and ugly–it is corrupt. 

Our government is dysfunctional because the system by which we choose our representatives is corrupt. Laws like Obamacare keep getting crammed down our throats, our security disregarded, and our economy decimated by the elitist professional political class that has subdued and taken over our government. Has democracy failed or did we fail democracy? There is still be time to save it, but we don’t have any time to waste. You can have the best form of government but still have bad government if you have bad people in it. We now have bad people running our government because if you have a bad, corrupt system for choosing them we will get bad, corrupt people. It is time for a second American Revolution to restore what was won by the first: a government that serves the people, not one that uses the people to serve itself.


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