Sat march 26 2016


My whole family came to Taiwan. I was having trouble parking my two cars. Gabe had a friend that was strange. My dad and Stephen had some awkward interchanges.   However it was overall very fun and positive.


It was the end of starwars and I was facing the emperor, it was a sort of retake…


I took my lightsaber and jumped off a huge cliff and then had cut off the head of another jedi or a vader-esque guy. I took his lightsaber and used both to slow my fall towards the ground, where it was beautiful … all nature and the camera slowed down. I remember thinking starwars was never so beautiful.   At the bottom was ice and snow but it was lovely, and I didn’t feel cold. I landed gracefully and then started to walk through a large valley, where there were some huge griffin like bird creatures, part bird and part lion.


Then I walked up some stairs and saw a butterfly. I came to a market. It was another planet and they sold earth snacks like chips, and I went to each booth and blessed them. I was in a super relaxed mood and thought the Lord was with me very strongly making me move around slowly and blessing the different people I met. There was a boy and a girl who liked eachother, and I encouraged the boy to take care of her. They both giggled , and I went to the next one. It seemed like everywhere I went there was someone I could interact with and joke with. One guy said he was from “jeeral” planet or something like that, and told me about the food there.


I wonder if when Jesus goes to different planets if he acts like that?   I was feeling my movements all directed by the Holy Spirit, even when I jumped off the cliff and rejected the emperor saying “I’ll never join you” I felt so much peace, and had practically won the battle right then and there.


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