Alex Jones Dream


Nother dream feb 15 2016


I was in a big house where I took chinese language classes, and then would work in the afternoons in the city. Stephen was helping me work out my schedule and I had to make sure I paid for each text book. Most I think I had, but there were a few I had forgotten. I said how thankful i was for this life where I could show up for chinese class in the morning and then go work in the afternoons.


Alex Jones was like Superman, and I went with him also being able to fly through two large waves of water flowing through this dystopic metropolis where flooding had taken place everywhere. We flew through the walls of water to a place where refugees were coming into England, and causing havoc. I witnessed the scene where an angry mob was forming and a black guy with a shotgun was aiming it at an suv with a lady inside trying to escape.   He shot it as it left. We then went back through the crowds so fast I was trying to fly to – the water was intense and it was like sailing upstream, literally with your body, but Alex Jones was so strong, he grabbed my arm to help me forge through the powerful waves. I noticed how this guy is like a bull rushing through, and the whole setting was extremely dramatic, again like superman but more supernatural. When I woke up I thought how this is the first time Ive seen alex behave in such a supernatural way although he is physically very capable. I could also swim in a way but I didn’t need to since he was pushing forward so rapidly. Still, I kept trying myself to also see how to fly like this.

When we got to the destination, a mountain top cabin with some American guys with beards and base ball caps doing things, Alex started talking about some famous Hollywood guys he’d been working with who were artists. He kept talking about how much he admired them and as he spoke I went into these different rooms and saw their art on shelves in closets and other places. The cabin on the mountain was above the place i worked and I was wondering if I was even allowed to be there but no one seemed to mind. I was reading from a laptop that was two desks away from me and for some reason I could see the words very comfortably without my eyes getting tired in the least bit.   A few of the girls there came and sat in front of me to maybe have me notice them I don’t know. They were Taiwanese but I didn’t get the impression the men looked very Taiwanese.


3 thoughts on “Alex Jones Dream

  1. Another interesting dream. Thanks for sharing these I am sure God wants you to share them. I am very encouraged and intrigued by your dreams and they are probably the articles of yours that most interest me. I am going to be interested in seeing what God does in your life, so please keep us all posted through your youtube channel and wordpress site. Thanks again and awesome stuff.

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    • Dear Individual, your input and faith have been very encouraging and I’m starting to dig back and find more of these strange and out there dreams from the past few months… also very excited to hear what the Lord is doing in your life! Blessings!

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    • Thank you as awlays brother — I get your comments right away but am often not able to reply right away. The dream thing is really important, feel free to share anything you get as well! I know you are very thorough in your approach and that’s great, but if you jot down some notes of whatever the Lord is showing you and share it that would be super interesting to us all as well!


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