Angel Base Log 002

Again I delve into the mysterious ethereal realm between Heaven and Hell which many a wise man has called the Great Battlefield:  The Imagination or The Mind.  Rachel had certainly assembled quite a majestic array of fighters to go on an excursion into the regions outside the base.  I’ll let her tell the rest of the story, though.  It’s just not fair to steal someone else’s story!  Occasionally I’ll share an interesting song and prophecy reference by hypertext link as we go, but these are not necessary for the casual reader.  Hey, there are so many things to do on the internet, right?  Why would you want to sit down and read the chrono-visor log of a Heavenly being?

Oops I keep forgetting sarcasm doesn’t really translate well to the angels as they take everything we say quite literally.

In any case, since seeing that I am so earthly-minded as it were, time to die to this world and open to that world.


“It’s not a drill.  See to it that the little lambs are fed and well taken care of.  And. . . ”

I didn’t even need to guess what she was going to say next, it was so predictable.

“–use the Keys!  Call on the Keys, say the Words. . .”  Ellya’s voice was full of pleading.

I turned off the message and looked at Enoch.  Enoch wasn’t an angel so he was one of the few guys that you could joke around with.

“I’ll be standing by, not far from this location if things get too heavy,” he said.

“That’s okay.  You must have thousands of pressing duties in multiple eras to attend to.  I think we’ll be able to handle this one.  Phanuel’s here after all.”

“Oh Phanuel.  Save me, please!”  Enoch put his hands on his cheeks and bent sideways, his crown almost falling off.

“Stop it!  We’re just friends.”  and with that I left the Dallas to find Phanuel and Sailex waiting for me.  at the bottom of the silver staircase.  The wind was blowing strong and dust swirled everywhere, although it didn’t seem to even stick to the Dallas or anyone’s armor who had been bathed in the Heavenly atmosphere.   Everywhere there was the gentle yet constant music of praise and honor of the Most High, as long as we were all gathered here together in His Spirit.

SAILEX / Sally was waiting for me with Phanuel discussing the expedition.  Phanuel would be in charge of transporting the first squads of our most elite youth who were game for some field experience.  As I walked and felt the air the sound of Ellya’s voice kept ringing in my ears.  What exactly was going down?  The ones who had founded this base were on leave, saying the automated systems should be able to run the place if anything went wrong but this was one of the points where I begged to differ.  How could they be so sure?

“Ready for some action, Rachel?”  Phanuel grinned and motioned towards Sailex’s craft.  I honestly didn’t need any craft but it was a chance to plan a little bit more during the trip.  Those dragons were not going to be happy and we needed a plan B, C, D down to Z and then starting with the Hebrew Alphabet if possible.   In the end, we usually just winged it.  Of course in Christianese we call it Depending on the Spirit!

Psalm 119:10 With my whole heart have I sought thee: O let me not wander from thy commandments.

The kids looked so excited boarding the Penuel, Phanuel’s ship.  Actually these names were practically interchangeable but Phanuel preferred his angelic name to the locational name in the Bible.  Sailex’s craft was much smaller and only able to fit a few more passengers.  In the end all the students wanted to go with Phanuel and explore his mysterious looking ride.  The thing was out of this world to be sure, not like Dallas (Enoch’s flying house) which looked like Epcot center or the typical sleek looking sedan Sailex.  The Penuel comprised of a large main body with several engines extending from the lower and upper regions pointed back, along with foldable wings that covered each of these.  It was exceedingly ancient and had been through many angel wars.  Within were countless memorials and plaques in every corner that retold her countless adventures and feats in the Lord’s service.  You’d never know this from meeting Phanuel though, who was himself pretty normal for a spirit being.  You’d never guess he was an arch angel!   I could go on for hours regarding the Penuel’s logistics and Phanuel’s demeanor but it was time to go.  It was always like this.  We have very little time to be nostalgic on the battle field!

Several other fighters I called directly from the Heavenly City above included the key craft Pellburst and Naioth as well as a few others.  These would act as extra support just in case things got out of hand.  I wasn’t sure how wise it was of our fearless leaders to go and start their big test of our base’s automatic system but then again these people always did things that were beyond me.  No time to worry about drills.  Even if Ellya said it wasn’t!

Once Sailex lifted off into the skies Phanuel and the others were soon to follow.  The rush and thrill of heading into Enemy territory was something I never tired of.  The gentle hum of Sailex’s ship engines powered by the wheels within wheels was only noticeable to me thanks to the enhanced senses I was equipped with.    We covered an incredible amount of distance in no time, passing over the endless sand dunes and then the craggy mountain peaks where we had our farthest stationed turrets.  So far the Enemy hadn’t crossed these but I had the sneaking suspicion that this was a ruse.

I realized we had gotten ahead of the rest of our team by quite a few clicks, so Sailex and I encircled the main turret station while waiting for them.  Of course the Key Craft were ever present, almost arriving before us.  Phanuel was taking his time though.

“What do you think of this turret system, Sailex?  Have you guys been checking on these recently?”  I asked.

“There’s no need.  The entire system was designed to check on itself.  In fact our entire base runs on this Heavenly software the Cathars recently developed.” Sailex said matter-of-factly.

“I was told they still need to send personnel here for manual checks though.” I replied, trying not to sound overly concerned.

“You’re so old fashioned, Rachel!  If you like you can check them yourself, be my guest.”

At last Sailex set us down just ahead of these turret stations and I saw The Penuel’s strange silouette approach slowly over the mountain peak.  The station was quite formiddable, and I comforted myself thinking that there was no way any enemy would try and approach this thing.   Dragon piercing bullets were the least of their problems.  The entire facility was built within a substantial force field to withstand practically any attack —   hmm something was strange though.

“Hey Sally can you hear me?  The defenses are down.”   I called through my helmet.

“Roger that!  No need to be alarmed, as they told me before they are running a drill today.  We don’t think the Enemy will approach this area as they have no way of knowing this information.” Sailex was such an angel it was hard to completely explain to her how robotic she sounded at times!   Angels are just . . .  a different species.   Arch angels were different though.

“Ladies, dad’s arrived with the kids!”  Phanuel chimed in, and the whole troope came behind him, armed with the latest weapons from the Penuel.

“You gave them all these new weapons?”  I said, shocked.  Most of these hadn’t been introduced in the training courses yet.

Phanuel winked at me. “You know as well as I do, the red tape and politics get in the way of everything over there.  It’ll be the beginning of the Millenium before these poor little guys start learning about wielding Key Blades.”

“I know, and it’s quite gnarly to see all the variety in the weapons we’ve been given.”  I looked over each of the youngsters who stood in rank.  They looked so proud, and I wondered if they were ready.  The various weapons all represented different giftings and powers the Lord would release in a new way through the Keys of the Kingdom.    At least in this sense we were following Ellya’s plea!

One of the new recruits, Billy swung his sword around towards a boulder, which cracked and emitted torrents of  water.

“Moses style!  Awesome. . . ”  Phanuel laughed.

I stared as more of the students tested out their newly found toys.  A girl whose name I did not know yet pointed her Key Blade at a dead tree.  She started levitating and the tree came back to life.  There was very little flashyness or glitter about these keys.  They were so functional and pratical and didn’t need to shine like spiritual weapons do in the movies.  This was real life afterall!

“We’ll have plenty of time to try out the plethora of keys and their uses on the battlefield.   Does anyone need to go to the bathroom?  This is the last pitstop before the games begin!”  Phanuel was almost as annoying as Enoch sometimes.

“Hey Daddy I have a question” I said raising my hand.  I pointed at the station.  “Do you think it’s safe to bring these kids here with all the turret defenses powered down?”

“The bureaucrats back home made that choice, honey, I have no say in the matter.”  Phanuel said, but then after some thought added: “I’ll put my own turret on top of this one though, just in case.  Why not?”

He snapped his fingers and with a flash the Pellburst keycraft hovered over the turret, powering it up and activating it.  Hundreds of smaller portable turrets were dispensed onto the terrain around us which we were able to take with us.

“These are new!”  Sailex said in suprise picking one up and examining it.  It was a miniature key powered sentry gun, easily transportable and great if you were in a fight where you were outnumbered.

I instructed the students to take as many as they could fit (they became baseball sized balls when they compacted) and we set out towards the dark horizon.  It was always on the horizon though, as when we proceeded forward the ground became light and even life seemed to sprout out of nowhere wherever we went.

“Phanuel we’re going to divide into two groups – but first allow me to investigate and map out the terrain ahead.”

“You’re the Queen, Rachel!”  he said and turned around towards our dear class to seperate them properly.

I quickly flew ahead several kilometers to our destination– a ghost town underneath the endless train of dragons flying above.  I silently set down on the ground, using a near-dead looking forest as cover and everything inside began to scream out:  warning!!

The Enemy was all over this place.    Good.  I mapped out in my head which positions would be best for us to use as a defense until we could set up our temporary energy fortress inside.  I figured the Penuel would serve well as a weapons reload station for the kids to get to try out a number of different new key blades.  Before returning to the others I unleashed the Wild Cats through the Key of Fury to run around and cause confusion among the enemies that were camped out in this dead town.

The mission objective was more than just give the kids experience and go exploring – seeing that there were many lost souls under the control of the dark ones, we could salvage a large portion of this town and perhaps even neighboring ones.  I noticed several homes with some light in them — praying Christians.  Perhaps they’d be interested in joining us?

“Uh, Rachel you might want to get back here soon.” Phanuel’s voice chimed in to my headset.  We could use mind to mind telepathic link too but it was not uncommon for us to use old fashioned technology when on the field like this.  Just in case.

“What’s up?” I sent back

“We’ve got a situation with one of the students, I don’t think she’s ready.  Maybe this is too much too fast.  I’ll take her back to base while you guys go ahead, what do you think?”  Phanuel’s voice crackled.  Already the storm was starting to interfere with our systems.

Something was up, I knew.  It couldn’t’ just be that a student wasn’t ready yet.

I shot back to the turret where our troupe was gathered and saw some of the students kneeling around a girl who was clutching herself, in fetal position on the ground, shaking.

“Phanuel I think she should be taken back to New Jerusalem, don’t you think?”

Phanuel nodded.   We prayed for her and made sure there wasn’t any demon of fear or a specific attack on the poor girl.  I realized she was the one I had noticed before.

“Let me taker her”  I said

“You sure?  I don’t want you to miss out on the mission, Rachel.  This was your mission afterall!”  Phanuel was quite polite but I knew he wanted to see these guys use the New Weapons more than anybody.

“I’m sure.  I had a feeling about this one before and I ‘ll never be able to forgive myself if something happens to her.”   I replied.

“In that case, say hi Jesus for me!”  Phanuel laughed and we were off.  Sailex transported us beyond light speed to the Heavenly City above, not far from the solar system.  I felt the Lord’s Words comforting me as we went, knowing that everything was in His hands.

The Heavenly City was so perfect, so all-encompassingly  wonderful and beautiful that words just barely do it justice.  As soon as I had the girl taken to the healing Rivers of Life I went directly to Wisdom.

Above the mountains of the Lord in the clouds of Heaven was another realm within His realm.    Phanuel used to call this place Luhith but most people called it Wisdom’s Heights. Incidentally many of the latest adventures got started here after Jesus and I took a long excursion “resting in Wisdom” for several weeks.  He never sits still but always likes to get us going on brand new missions.  The Base mission down below was only one of myriads he had going on, and I was sure there would be many more.

Sailex brought me to the main reception hall leading to her massive throne room.  As I disembarked, I told her to wait there.
“I wont’ be long.   We need to get back down there to assist Phanuel.”  I promised.

“Roger that, Queenie!”  Sailex replied.

I was shocked.  Did my Sally just make a joke?

“I am learning. . .   the ways of your sillyness.   Was that funny?   You didn’t laugh.”

I feigned a laugh but feigning anything doesnt work in Heaven.   “That was great, Sally.  I think Phanuel is rubbing off on you.

Wisdom’s angels came and escorted me inside.  Everywhere was not only praise but also deep and thoughtful melodies that spoke volumes should you stop to listen.

I heard laughter coming from deep within the hall.

“Raaaaaaaaaachel!!!”   came a sing-songy voice.  Oh boy.

“Wisdom!  You’ve grown!”  I was surprised.  The voice was of a young girl but Wisdom was towering, at least twice my height.  I had heard of some people saying she was this tall but in my experience she had been as a little girl the last I’d seen her.

She ran to me from her throne, her dress trailing behind her.  The stars and galaxies emblazoned on her dress glistened and reflected off the crystaline pillars and gold floor.  The lighting in Wisdom’s Palace was deliberately kept low so that everything reflected the starlight from her incredible gowns.  These were not decoration but actually portals to . . . . okay I won’t go too far there as we’ll get lost off that tangent.  Let’s just say she’s completely out of this world.

Wisdom spoke in a voice that was at once full of mirth, and also, well, Wisdom.  She seemed to echo all around you and inside of you at the same time as she spoke:

Do not be afraid to approach me because I am lowly and humble and meek at heart, although I appear brilliant to some.  It depends when you see me!  Sometimes I can appear as a young child and sometimes as an ancient being in great glory.   I’m somewhere in between the two, but the truth is I rejoice in all the Sons of Men and the fostering of the destinies of the chosen saints and Brides.  You are representing many of those, so I will instill in you all that I can.   As you are capable of receiving this scroll, I will “install” it into you now.   Give me your hand.

I couldnt’ do much else but just go along.  When you get into the presence of such a magnificent being who is in near- transfigured state, what can you say?   I felt if I opened my mouth I’d sound like Peter.   “Let me build you a temple and let’s blah blah blerrrrhhh!”    No, that would be just dumb.

She continued her discourse after handing me a USB.

This is the latest technology here, have you ever used one of these?

I looked at Wisdom and didn’t know how to respond.  Was she serious?  This was already old Earth stuff.  Her eyes were full of secrets and mysteries but also love.  I felt a Godly kind of compassion and condescension from her, in her incredible exalted state.  I was still frozen there in her hall, listening to the majestic music of praise to the King, and yet it was almost awkward. . .

Got you!   Ha!  We have no need of technology.  But we still do use it from time to time.  This one is blue-tooth equipped.  Just turn your blue tooth on, Rachel, and it’ll download.  No need to do anything.

“Okay, Wisdom, you did get me.  Please go easy on me, I’m still getting used to my place here since Phanuel found me!”   I hoped she’d continue her train of thought as I was really not ready to joke with her yet.

The fact is you have always been found.  The Lord doesn’t ever take back His gifts, and you have been His gift from day 1.  There will be more mantles like you who will be re-found and brought up into Heavenly places.  Let Phanuel use you and let him also benefit from my words as he is going to face the battle down below.  There is no time to rejoin him now as he is already starting the fight.  Switch now to him and you will see for yourself.

Phanuel and I had formed a bond and a link to the point where I could jump to where he was and see things from his perspective at almost any time.  He was also going to need Wisdom now, so I had Wisdom switch to talking to him.

Now back on Earth the darkness was encroaching upon this band who were gathered by the sentry facility.  All the children were ready, and yet there was no way to truly be ready for this onslaught.  I sent reinforcements to him immediately, seeing the predicament they were in but also knowing it was up to them to face this.


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