Wings out of weights

angelic-destiny-magic-the-gathering-18943(Jesus:) The forces of Heaven have gathered around the children of David as the time comes to usher them into the final days. Each one is being fitted by My forces of Heaven. Each one is being trained by their own trainers. Each one is being advised and given tips and warnings of what to watch out for and which areas they need to work on to get stronger.
128. Some are being tended to as they come through the different battles that they are facing. Others are in the midst of battles that I have sent their way to make them stronger, but by their side are those whom I have commissioned to help them‚ to strengthen them, to be there when they call out for their help‚ to watch over them and pray for them and see to any of their needs.
129. Each of My brides has entered into a time of intense battles, and they are all experiencing-to some degree-the heat of the battle and the weights that I have allowed to be placed upon them to make them stronger.
130. But they are advancing. They are making it through the obstacles that the Enemy puts in front of them to stop their progress, or to cause them to turn back and give up because it’s too difficult. The Enemy knows he is going to fail, but he must try anyway.
131. Those who continue to persevere through these difficulties and who do not turn back, who make it through this time of testing, will be the bright and powerful army that I have spoken of that is going to take the world by storm.
132. I know it weighs upon your hearts to hear of the many battles that various ones are facing, to hear of the difficulties and the trials and the heartbreaks that many are going through. But I am the One Who allows My brides to go through such difficulties, because I know this is what they really want. Each one wants to be all that they can be for Me. Each one wants to be free of those things that have held them back in the past. Each one wants to give Me their all. And so I put them through these seeming dark days to purge, to purify, and to make them white.
133. They will have so much more strength to rely upon, as they will have learned how to truly fall upon Me-not just in the difficult moments, but all the time. They will be much more attuned to My whispers and My voice, because they will have learned in the darkness how to cling to My voice each moment. They will have learned how to take on My mind and let Me possess them through relinquishing all their carnal thoughts when they face battles. They will have learned the strength of unity through leaning on others to pull them through. They will have the burning desire in their hearts to reach those that are lost and searching, for I will have turned their thoughts away from themselves and onto others. They will know the meaning of joy and happiness in abundance, for they will be obeying Me and pleasing Me, and I will give this to them in full measure.
134. The promises that I have poured upon you, My Family, are endless. They are there. All you have to do is pull them down, claim them, hold onto them‚ and see them work.
135. My loves have but to pull down the victories that are before them. They have but to hold on and fight a little harder. They have but to cling to Me and have the heavenly vision before their eyes so that nothing can deter them from reaching the final goal.
136. They are at the point where they’re going through the most difficult time of the whole changing process. They are learning new habits, getting rid of old attitudes, realizing and coming to grips with their inadequacy and mistakes, and feeling the monumental weight of the change that is ahead of them. So this is the most difficult time, but once they’ve overcome, once they’ve become stronger, once they’ve made the changes and have developed new habits and start running at the capacity that they are capable of‚ they will come into their full glory.
137. They will feel My power working through them. They will be able to pull down My blessings and ask what they will, and it will be done for them. They will see miracles performed before their eyes. They will see lives transformed‚ and they themselves will be transformed and made new.
138. Once they have reached this point, the weights that I allowed them to struggle with and that they have been running with will be taken off and they will soar. They will have made the connection to Me, their Source, and they will be completely Mine, and nothing will stop Me from using them to the full.
139. This is what is ahead of My brides who persevere, who hold on, who do not give up. This is what is ahead for those who yield to Me and obey Me. I will do mighty things through them and they will know the power of their God. (End of message.)


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