Should You Be in the Cockpit?

homes are ufos
60. (Jesus speaking:) My heart breaks as I see the state of many of My junior teens. So many of them are enclosed in a bubble, a bubble of protection, and they look out the windows of their confines and see the pleasures of this world, the excitement of the outside world, the lights and siren songs that call to them. They long for something more, they feel bored, but they see no freedom, no excitement where they are. They feel cooped up, confined, and restricted.
61. The reality of this picture, and the way I see it, is that they are living in a type of UFO or spaceship‚ a heavenly bubble of protection and love and peace, yet they don’t know it. This UFO can fly to so many places and your junior teens could be doing so much that would thrill them and excite them, but they’re not. The UFO is grounded, and most of the junior teens don’t even know how high their UFO can fly. It’s not the fault of the junior teens, but it’s the fault of the shepherds, the parents, the older brothers and sisters, those who I have put in positions of responsibility‚ the drivers of these great UFOs–My Family Homes.
62. I look into the cockpit of the UFO, and there are folks milling around. There is a computerized flight book that details every destination imaginable, all of the locations this vehicle can travel to that the worldlings can never even experience or reach from their worldly plane, but no one is punching in the codes and making it happen. Nobody seems to notice the junior teens’ discouragement, boredom, and dissatisfaction. Slowly they are walking out the door, one by one, to try to find some excitement and fun elsewhere. It seems to them that the world is the only place they see anything happening‚ so it hardly leaves them a choice.
63. This UFO vehicle–your Home–is made to go places and do things. It’s a training facility for My disciples. Those in the cockpit are My parents and shepherds and bellwethers who I have instructed to fly this machine. But who is flying? Who is taking the junior teens where they want to go? Who is showing them the fun and enjoyment they can have serving Me? There are so many destinations–spirit trips, communication with spirit beings, cool witnessing adventures, inspiring and uplifting get-togethers and times of relaxation for them, fun sports events and games, ministry training possibilities, responsibilities that could make them feel needed‚ and so much more. But instead‚ so many of our Homes, just like this UFO I’m describing, are sitting still, not providing their youth with the excitement they desire and need.
64. The junior teens of yesterday are not the junior teens of today. My people–My junior teens–seek a new thing. They need more to keep them challenged, more to keep them busy, and I’m not just talking about jobs and chores. These are needed to keep your Homes running and operational, but junior teens need so much more. They need avenues to express themselves‚ avenues to let off steam‚ avenues to physically exert themselves and work up a sweat, avenues where they can have fun and enjoy themselves with others, avenues where they can experience the spirit world and the things of the spirit, avenues where they can really reach out to others and help change lives.
65. Someone in your Home needs to take the junior teens places. Someone in your Home–and it could very well be you–needs to get in the driver’s seat and show the teens what living for the Lord is really all about. You need to start mapping out those cool destinations of excitement that will add fire and fervor to your Home, to your teens, to your young people! If you don’t start doing something today, more will walk out the door‚ more will leave their calling and election, all because they were bored and dissatisfied, and because no one cared enough to show them the joy that can be found in serving Me.
66. I see many of our UFO Homes around the globe, filled with junior teens, your future. Some are flying high and hardly ever land, ’cause they have so many places to go and things to see. Others take off on adventures every so often, but spend most of their time grounded. Others, sadly‚ rarely make it into the air. What is your Home? What are your teens doing? Are they bored and twiddling their thumbs?–Living in an awesome flying machine, yet never getting to experience the thrills, because no one is taking them places?
67. If you think your Home even slightly resembles what I’m talking about, then seek Me today about a flight plan, and get behind the wheel and really take your young people places. Show them Me! Show them the life of a missionary! Show them the joy and fun and excitement and thrills found in serving Me! Who knows? You might even get thrilled yourself. Maybe it’s the key to your heart too, and you’ll be refreshed and envisioned. It’s amazing what reaching out to someone else can do for your own spirit; it can do you a world of good! (End of message from Jesus.)


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