You Need the Power Now!

(Mama:) There is obviously much about the keys that is still a mystery to us, that we will yet learn and discover as we go along! But one thing is very clear: We must learn to use the power, and the way to begin is to call for it, to ask for it specifically when we pray.

43. Here is another message the Lord gave when we asked Him what more we needed to know about using the keys.

44. (Jesus speaking:) I am bringing the power of the keys to your attention from many directions and avenues because I want to get your attention. I want you to be thinking about the keys, asking Me about the keys, and getting more information. This is indeed a priority. You are right in knowing that this will be a crucial part of the Family having the power they need to make the changes I am asking of them.

45. (Mama:) You’ll be happy to know that the Lord has poured out abundantly about the keys—their inner workings and more details of their power, and you’ll be receiving some of the material for this coming Feast! So there is much more yet to come. But as the Lord said, this information that He’s giving us right here is crucial, because we need it now. We have to learn to use the keys, because we need their power right now to make the changes in the Family that He’s asking of us.

46. (Jesus continues:) The Family needs to have their eyes opened to the fact that they haven’t used the keys as they should have; they’ve neglected them, thinking that they would use them later. It’s not that the Family has purposely or willfully neg­lected this precious treasure. It’s just that they need reminders; they need to be taught and lectured and trained.

47. At this time they are not calling on the power of the keys. They’re not using the keys, and consequently they’re not availing themselves of the power they need. The battles have intensified‚ and so has My power. The battles will confront and try each Family member because the ­Enemy is faithfully on the job—testing‚ delaying‚ and discouraging. I allow these attacks to strengthen My children and to defeat the Enemy‚ among many other reasons, but when My children do not come to Me for the help and power they need, then they are sometimes defeated instead. It is not a permanent defeat, for I will triumph in the end, but it is a loss, a setback.

48. If the Family neglects the intensified power that is at their disposal, they are at a great dis­advantage. They feel the heat of the battle‚ but they weaken because they are trying to do it somewhat on their own, or with limited and “outdated” weaponry. They have the power at their fingertips‚ but it’s just out of reach as they’re not thinking, remembering‚ and actively using the keys.

49. They must be alerted to this. They must see that they’ve taken this extremely important revelation for granted. Many of them have neglected to use the keys as they could have, or have regarded them as solely a spiritual matter rather than something with far-reaching practical implications, so this revelation has not brought the change I would have it bring to their everyday lives. I want their reactions, decisions, prayers, everything to work through the power of the keys.

50. The Family is in need of two things right now regarding the keys: (1) a clear reminder that they should be using the keys now, and (2) examples of how and when to use the keys. The greater understanding of the deep things of the keys will be revealed later. You don’t have to understand every single thing before you can begin to use the keys. It’s similar to prayer. You keep learning about prayer throughout your life. There’s always more to learn. It’s a fascinating and awesomely deep subject in the world of the spirit. But you don’t wait until you understand all that; you start praying right away. You don’t have to know everything to pray and for those prayers to have effect. Even babes can pray! It’s the same with the keys. You don’t have to under­stand all about them; just use them, call on them, do it. (End of message from Jesus.)


2 thoughts on “You Need the Power Now!

  1. Thanks again for this relevant word. After reading about the keys in the Ellya prophecy you previously posted, I actually prayed for the power of the keys in the name of Jesus and as a person who believes in the genuineness of TFI. I prayed for the power of the keys in accordance with the TFI prophecy principles outlined in the previous keys article you posted. In the past I have been a pessimist and negative with regard to supernatural revelation, but the Lord has worked through me over the years and I do believe in the keys prophecy received by TFI, it feels truthful in my spirit and I believe the power of the keys will manifest if I pray sincerely. I have done my part in praying for the keys in according with the TFI prophecies and now I’m leaving the rest to God. I have done my part by acting in faith now I am simply resting in patience and faith as I allow God to do his part. God bless for this article and I’m sure God is going to reward you for getting these truths out. We cannot reach out to people and help them without the keys. I met up with a friend today who I have been trying to help, this person has had a really tough life. I was able to get them a coffee and offer support but without supernatural power you cannot really help those who are in serious trouble. My main motivation for seeking the keys is to actually help people supernaturally so they can see change in their lives for the best. There’s so many amazing people out there who are in a difficult situation in their lives, and they really need God’s supernatural power to see a turn around in their lives. I’ve realized I cannot help people on my own so I pray to God, “please allow us to use the power of the keys to help people as we cannot help many of these people on our own. Thankyou Jesus.” Thanks again for the post Michael, I can honestly say your helping myself and others with your sincere posts. God bless


    1. wow that is so exciting and powerful, dear brother and I do indeed believe that the keys go to work where we are unable to do much. What an awesome thing though to be able to focus on God’s power and his direct intervention like that, through the direct access to all Heave nhas to offer through the weapon of the Keys! I just dreamed of them last night, although I can’t remember the details. I think God wants us to use them, otherwise why would he have shown them to us?


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