Keep an attitude of faith about prophecy

In the previous parts of this series we’ve talked about the need to check in with the Lord whenever you have questions about the prophecies you receive. He repeatedly explains that the key to understanding His mess­ages, as well as getting complete messages and confirmations of His will as per changing circum­stances and people’s choices, etc., is to keep ask­ing Him. There is more counsel along these lines in this GN.
4. Before we go further, I would like you to read a message from the Lord about how import­ant it is to keep an attitude of faith when you’re asking Him questions about the prophecies you or others receive. Your first reaction should not be negative, doubtful or accusing, like, “Oh no, the channel got it wrong. Some­thing’s wrong. This is influenced, incomplete, etc.” If you begin to look at each other critically and think negatively about each other’s channels, it will cause people to feel uneasy, and the end re­sult could be that people even lose faith to exer­cise their gift of prophecy. That would be very sad.
5. When you’re seeking the Lord for further information, clarifications, confirmations, and answers to whatever questions you have about the prophecies you or others receive, you need to take care to demonstrate an attitude of positive expectancy and respect for the Lord’s instruc­tion. Here is more from our Lover on this subject:

6. (Jesus speaking:) The basic requirement for receiv­ing, judging, and applying prophecy is faith–faith that I am in control, that I give My Words when you ask, and that I have all the answers; faith that I love you, that I love to speak to you, and that I have chosen to speak through frail, fallible, weak human vessels and channels like yourselves.
7. I do not look for perfection before I give My Words. I give them to whoever asks. This is important for you to remember when you are learning to use prophecy. Always come from the angle of faith, the angle of believing that I have spoken. If clarifications or additions are needed, it is in My hand to give them. But you will not receive fully or clearly if you don’t keep the attitude of faith–for without faith it is impossible to please Me.
8. When someone receives a message that you have questions about, there are two ways that you can approach the situation: You can immediately assume that something is wrong with the prophecy–that the channel somehow got it wrong or was too rushed or was out of the spirit or was not desperate enough, and you can ask your questions in that critical spirit. Or, you can come before Me and each other with faith, knowing that because I have chosen to use prophecy so much in these Last Days, I am also going to help you understand and thereby overcome any difficulties you encounter. In both of these instances you’re asking questions about the message, or needing further clarification, but can you see the difference? One attitude is seeking to criticize, find fault or place blame; the other is simply seeking to hear the additional answers that are needed.
9. Your attitude should be, “Lord, thank You so much for speaking to us with this initial message. We have a few further questions that we want to bring before You for clarification. Thank You that You’re so patient with us and are always willing to answer all our questions, and thank You for so-and-so who had the faith to receive from You,” etc.
10. If you find yourself tempted to have an accusatory attitude, or automatically assume that a prophecy is incorrect just because you don’t personally like it, that’s the wrong attitude. It is an attitude of faith that pleases Me and allows My Words to pour forth. Having an attitude of doubt, or questioning that I really spoke, or automatically assuming that because there are further questions, the fault must lie with the channel, does not please Me. While I may still answer your questions, beware, for you are allowing your heart to become lifted up in pride as you judge My Words in the flesh rather than in the spirit. My Words are spirit, and they must be judged in the spirit.
11. If you question the prophecy from the angle of, “This doesn’t seem right; the channel must have gotten it wrong,” that opens the door to doubts, criticism, familiarity, and big problems. If you’re not judging it in the attitude of faith, you have the potential to discourage people from using their gift of prophecy by making them fearful. The foundation stone you must base everything upon is the belief that I speak through prophecy–so even if it sounds odd to you, or you have further questions, or things need to be clarified, you still treat prophecy as My Word, with respect and thankfulness and humility.
12. A positive attitude builds faith in My Words, faith in prophecy, faith that I will speak and that prophecy works. The negative attitude intimidates, breeds fear and disunity and accusatory feelings of wanting to place the blame. It makes people feel that prophecy doesn’t work, because it causes too much trouble.
13. By opening up the subject of the re­quire­ments for being a clear channel, and by making it clear that some prophecies are incomplete or can even be tainted and inaccurate due to the channel not receiving clearly, I was by no means suggesting that this should be your first reaction when you hear a prophecy that you wonder about or don’t personally like or agree with. Your first reaction should always be one of faith–thankful for the opportunity to learn from My Words, and eager to hear more. If you have further questions, the way you present them to the channel or to others makes all the difference in the world.
14. Learn a lesson from My queen.  Her atti­tude is always, “Thank the Lord that when we don’t quite understand something in prophecy, or it seems to go contrary to what we expect or think, it gives us the opportunity to come to Him and find out more about how He thinks and works, and the principles of the spirit world.  He always has a good explanation when we ask Him about prophecy questions and we always learn so much.” If she wonders about something, she asks Me to explain it, but always with the attitude of great faith. It is because of her faith that you, the Family, have grown in your use of prophecy. She has believed that I have chosen to speak through weak and frail vessels, and that I have chosen to give My Words to the meek and humble and un­knowledgeable.
15. It is because of her faith that the channels of her household have grown and stretched their faith time and time again to receive things from Me. It is because of her attitude of faith that I have been able to give her so much. It is because of her great faith and asking questions in faith that she has learned the workings of prophecy, and is able to share the guidelines so clearly. It is because she has exercised her faith that you receive such wonderful revelations from Me on a regular basis.
16. If her attitude had been guarded or overly cautious or questioning in a doubtful manner, do you think her channels would have been willing to receive the things that I now give them? No. They would never have grown and exercised their channels if they had been afraid of receiving a “wrong” prophecy. But because of the queen’s faith and her belief that I was able to speak through anyone who would get quiet, listen, and bare their hearts before Me, and wait with open channels, desperately asking Me to overrule their own thoughts, they learned and grew, and have now become wonderful channels, exercised and with greater faith themselves.
17. So you who have the responsibility of judging prophecy must be equally as prayerful and full of faith, so that you can have the right reactions and attitudes, which will minister faith unto those who are exercising their channels.
18. Prophecy is the way that I’m leading the Family. It is the way of the future; you will not survive without it. How sad it would be for one of your mates to be crippled in their service for Me because they lose the faith to receive messages, because of being condemned for a message which is incomplete. Everyone is learning, and there will be lessons. But if those lessons are treated with the attitude of faith, and you say,  “Thanks for praying about it. Maybe we can go back to the Lord and see what else He has to say on this subject and what further insight He can give,” then people will grow. They’ll be encouraged, and they’ll have faith to exercise their gifts. If the opportunities you encounter along the way to learn lessons are not treated with faith, people will become stunted in their growth, and could even give up prophesying altogether out of discouragement.
19. Beware of pride, which would seek to enter in and result in the attitude of placing blame or finding fault. Pride can cause you to reject a prophecy because you don’t like the way it sounds. If you’re lifted up in pride, you can be tempted to immediately feel that the channel must be at fault somehow.
20. Remember, prophecy is My Word. The Enemy hates it. He will try to tear down its credibility any way he can. Don’t let him convince you with his lies! Keep an attitude of faith, and always be willing to come to Me in humility and let Me instruct you. The Enemy would also seek to enter with sensitivity when you have received a message that needs further clarification. Don’t let him discourage you from coming back to Me time and time again. Sometimes that’s what it takes! It’s a fight, but it’s worth it! Amen? (End of message from Jesus.)


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