Angel Base Log 001

This is a fun little experiment with spiritual novelization!  Let’s see where it goes!  I’m experimenting with using hyperlinks in a story and linking real prophecies to fiction.  Most of the links are songs, though.   So let us begin!


My oh my where to begin? There’s just too much to factor in here so let me just pray first:   Jesus I need help to explain the situation. Characters upon characters and battles upon battles and romances upon romances, we’re all confused at this point as to what is going on. But please make this clear, Amen.

And I felt Jesus calm me down as I began to type out what had happened as best as possible. Nothin’ like Jesus calming you down to help put things in order!


It had all started about 5 weeks ago, actually I’m going to let my friend tell the story as I am more or less an outsider. Rachel has been in the middle of this thing from the beginning.




I was a queen. Actually I still am. Our Family was designed to become a large army and then get rooted down and build a base that would be a model to take over the world.   Taking over the world takes time! You can take over one city but there’s always going to be those who will disagree with your form of government, so we went in by stealth.


The base was a mix of different factors: angels, people, earthly technology and heavenly. It was almost a big park for people to come in and experience a slice of Heaven on Earth, but at the same time it had to be armed to the teeth with security as this Earth is under the demonic domination of Lucifer. I was one of the shepherds sent to help organize things and train soldiers. Then I died, but Phanuel found me and now I’m back again, although I’m mostly cybernetic.


About 5 weeks ago things were going pretty well. We’d actually over planned everything to be honest. Our location was deep in an uninhabitable desert that the Lord had brought under subjection.   I do say the Lord but He used us.   I was on a transport craft bringing down supplies from the New Jerusalem as well as new personnel. We were going to run a test and see if all our systems were working, and how many people it actually took to operate them.


Dropping through Earth’s night sky always gave me a thrill. I felt the weapons strapped to my side and did a brief check of who was with us. About 12 new disciples were coming. Plus angels to assist them. We’d need several new housing projects to give them proper lodgings as well as weapons caches for the new disciples.   Also the training school was over capacity so we’d need to do something about that.   Too much to think about!   Management issues always gave me a headache. I looked out the window and thought about how much the Lord had done for us until now. The clouds rapidly dissipated and if I focused my binocular vision I could see the endless train of dragons encircling our base. The territory used to belong to them, an old dragon haunt. But this was now an experiment that would send shockwaves across the whole map.   No one had tried this before, at least not to the best of my knowledge.


The transport craft set down in front of a large bridge. Since we needed land that was connected to a larger continent, we didn’t go for the typical island-base locale. This was a huge area strategically placed so that one half of it was fenced by a ravine, and the other by mountains. On these mountains we had placed sentries that were more than capable of handling any sort of dragon attack. As for the ravine, walls were placed on the base-side so that even if you were able to cross this you’d have a mighty hard time scaling that wall.


Several jeeps came to meet us and do the check-out of the goods.   Heavenly goods are practically unheard of on the earth, but they’re not so weird when you stop and think about it.   They translate physically into what you might call Godly emotions.   Love, peace, joy, etc. However in this dimension they looked more like alien energy pods which we held in platinum encasings. Each one was as an energy bomb that could detonate over a city and decimate the demonic forces within, creating a burst of Heavenly light and whichever fruit it contained. Peace bombs!   What an oxymoron.


The 12 youth came outside single file and were given a hearty welcome by the officers that usually came to a welcome like this. Behind them would be the cargo trucks. Just another routine visit and influx of more soldiers! I took this opportunity to speak with the pilot.   Sailex was an angelic craft pilot that only manifested when you called her out. She was able to merge with the craft itself and operate it like it was her own body. I had to say, when she manifested I was impressed by her sense of style.   She bowed and saluted me.


“Please don’t do that, I’ve told you before Sailex! You guys should be good to go by tomorrow, it looks like the last shipment is here but the trucks are all bogged down. We’re over capacitated!” I said.


“It’s ok, ma’am. I will wait here. There seems to be something going on, I was reading the weather and there is more demonic activity than normal in this area. We must be doing something right!”   Sailex said with her signature playful smile.


“I wonder what it is. Funny how even with all this technology I am given more than I ever was before as a human, and miss a lot of key factors like this.   Maybe I should take an expedition team out beyond the unexplored regions to see what’s up,”   I told her.


“Sailex wants to come!   Pray about it. . . I’m more than capable of handling combat missions. And I make a mean getaway!” said Sailex.


“You’re talking as if it was mixing a drink! Infiltration is different than bartending, Sally. Can I call you Sally? That’s a more normal name.” I said. I tried to sound a little bit polite but it was just too fun to tease these angels. Pilots were my favorite, as they usually got around to infinitely more regions of the Kingdom than Guardians or Heart Angels.   I shouldn’t compare, though, as heart angels saw a lot of cool stuff too.


“Excuse me for interrupting dear good ladies, but we shall be off!”   One officer bowed.   I needed to tell them they didn’t need to do that anymore, even though this mantle was Bride-class so practically everyone in Heaven treated you as #2 next to Jesus.   Don’t get me wrong, though. Jesus Himself doesn’t go around parading Himself like a President Obama or Vladmir Putin. He’s very humble and likes to deal with the average citizen on their own terms, more like a Trump.   Enough Earth politics, we’re going to get into that later.


“Please see to it that they are given a proper tour of the base! We’re almost over capacitated but they are more than welcome.” I said. One of them, a girl about 16 years of age caught my eye. She looked so excited – well they all did but there was something different about this one. She was going to be a good soldier, I could tell. She smiled back at me and then they all got into the jeeps. I say jeeps, but you should know that everything in this realm is somewhat upgraded so that a jeep is everything a jeep has ever aspired to be… it was just the most appropriate land-vehicle to get you from point A to point B with very little hassle regardless of the terrain.


The officers saluted and led the entourage of heavenly vehicles across the impossibly long bridge over the protecting ravine.


“Sailex. . .” I said, taking in the base.


“Yes Queen!” she said.


“It looks like we’re going to have a storm tonight. I’ll need to go and make sure everything is in order. Can you redeem the time here and see what the dragons are doing?   I’d like a detailed report about their movements. The main test of this complex is about to begin and I don’t want anything unchecked.” I spoke as though in a trance, but deep within I was communing with the Lord.


“You got it, Queen!” she reiterated, knowing how much I didn’t like it when she called me that.   Sailex and I had a mutual understanding of each other.


“Thanks, Sally.”   I said and took out my mini-jet pack. Thanks to being Heavenly cybernetics I could fit many useful tools like this right inside my own body. I flew at about 100 meters over the bridge at a medium speed so as to survey the entire base as I went. We’d have a committee meeting soon and there were big plans in place.   What was to become of this base? Many were leaving to start new ones, and some were going back to Heaven. It was more of an airport than a base when one really thought about it.


The jeeps drove through several more checkpoints before entering the main road that cut through the entire base from north to south. We’d developed some pretty cool hunting trails for the new recruits towards the south area. The northern districts were more for classes as well as control centers. The plan for this base “to take over the world” was a big one, and it was more or less a seed or model for more bases like it. Recruits would find excellent training, classes and opportunities to go out on the field once they past enough tests.


Phanuel told me he’d seen this before and wasn’t sure if this was going to last. I knew he was right but when you looked at the magnificence of this place, it was hard not to be excited and feel overly confident. An angel base!   On Earth!


As I watched the jeeps navigate through the main road towards the new recruit lodgings I slowed my speed a little, reminiscing back to that day 10 years ago. I had at that time still been cryogenically frozen, stored deep within the Earth. Phanuel had found me along with his team.   By then I’d figured my use was going to have to wait until the Millennium, but there were new expeditions going deep within the Earth even as far as the Enemy’s prisons and heavily guarded treasure stores.

Once we’d gotten to the surface I began to awaken, and the first words out of my lips were “Praise God!!!”   before I jumped to my feet and resumed my old battle stance.   These were new friends although I didn’t recognize them right away. Phanuel put his hand on my shoulder and said “I have authorization to use you, Rachel!”   and that’s where the whole Rachel Project started. His friends were really the ones who managed everything, but the problem was, they were all in Heavenly realms and Phanuel was the only one on the Earth.   I was sort of in-between.   Karen would later make this stuff abundantly clear, as I know it kind of gets complicated when you involve two realms together.

All of that was history now, but I remembered everything extremely vividly, as though it had happened a few moments ago.  They said there was a way to allow memories to slowly pass away into the background but I preferred everything as close to the present moment as possible.

I set down in a beautiful courtyard encompassed with gardens which connected the main body of classrooms and decided to take the long walk route to the meeting.  I peeked into one classroom and saw the subject matter dealt with New Weapon training for some of our latest recruits.  We really spoiled our students here!  I hoped they were ready for the reality of spiritual warfare outside.  It wasn’t going to be all that easy!  Still, one couldn’t help but cherish the glow of excitement on all the new recruit’s faces.  There seemed to be a desire for the front row in each class.  Usually you see kids hang out in the back, but not here.  These kids were eager to learn, as though the classes were full of delicious food for the hungriest dog.  I hate to use that analogy, but you know how a really eager dog acts as you prepare his can of food!  Only, this was the exact opposite of dog food.

On the board was written the reference for the class.  I’ll just put the link here for the curious soul:


As I stared at the reference of course my mind immediately drank in and reminded me of that specific class.  It had been given years ago, during a very hot and heavy time of crazy battle both in Heaven and on Earth.  Were these guys going to be able to handle this?  Maybe not.  The memory was so close to my present conscious I almost thought about tweaking my system so that it wouldn’t echo back so quickly.   Of course bathed in the Praise atmosphere of Heaven it wasn’t usually so intense, but then again this wasn’t Heaven, at least not quite.


Everywhere around me things were being smashed!  It was as if the sky was falling.  The explosions I suddenly realized weren’t coming from bombs but rather my friend’s floating battle stations.   Several had been taken out by one direct hit from an Enemy missile and they were subsequently sent to a fiery demise upon the buildings we’d been using until then as a sort of hide-and-go-seek battle.  I created a protectorate bubble around the little ones I’d been leading out of the warzone and called for a drop ship.  The enemy was everywhere, closing in for the final kill of any survivors.   I knew it was a matter of seconds but my dear brother was an expert pilot and I knew he’d be here any moment.  We got the kids out but the sorry sight of our fellows shipwrecked faith vessels was not something you really treasured.  The Enemy took what was left of that battlefield we’d held for so long.  Was it even worth it?   My brother, my dearest brother, if only he would have been earlier.

My eyes returned from the intense memory back to the peaceful classroom.  The teacher was a high ranking angel named Ellya.   She looked at me and winked.  Now things we’re different, now we were safe. . . or were we?   I suddenly decided it was best I bring some of the most ready ones out into the outside before things got hot and heavy again.  If what Phanuel said had any sway, things could get heavy again real soon and field experience was vital!  Ellya surprised me after the class was dismissed and transferred some hidden message encryption to me.  Knowing me, she had created just enough encryption so that it would take my processing system a considerable amount of time to unlock it.   What was up?   This wasn’t her usual method.  I stepped out again into the Earth-sunshine and headed towards the council meeting.

I think I’ll just skip the whole meeting because who wants to know about logistical details of Heaven’s government now?  You can just ask Mike Parsons about those!

I will not lie to you though, I did take some extra time on those beautiful flowers.   Beautiful is a word you hear a lot in Heaven, and I never get sick of using it.  This base was full of Heavenly beauty although we kept the south region for the wild training and shooting ranges.  If you spent long enough time with each flower, they’d talk to you. . .   I didn’t spend quite that much time now though.

Once the governemental details had been handled properly though, it was very delightful not to only look at the flowers but take my sweet time walking all the way back to the main gate and to where Sailex was waiting.  It wasn’t always easy just taking a walk either because literally everywhere you went some excited new recruits or warrior angels might stop you and want to have a conversation.   Only once this time I had to create a time warp to allow the conversation to continue uninhibited for several days (the warp would finish and the participants could return to the moment it had begun yet with the memory of several days).  One time warp for a walk across the entire base was my new record!

Time and Space control were among the many basic classes we held here, as it turns out these two are very easily manipulable once you are coming from the higher realm of the Spirit.

Phanuel met me at the bridge.  He had in his hand a large sword in a sheath.

“Have you got anyone who might be able to wield this?”  He asked.  His demeanor was the same as always, partly awkward and confident at the same time.  This was one of those beings you didnt’ hear about in the Bible as much as Michael or Gabriel.

“Thanks, I’ll definitely find someone.  Sailex and I were about to go on a little hunt.  You feel like coming?”

“Maybe later.  There’s some last minute business I’d better attend to before the big show begins.”  Phanuel said watching me to see my reaction.

“Do you always have to be so vague?”  I poked him.

“There’s nothing to be vague about.   We’ve got a huge storm at the border, even you know that despite your long flower walks!  And don’t forget, I can read all your missing time from those secret excursions you take!”  Phanuel was teasing me but I felt another edginess to his voice.

“It’s been a long stretch this time, sir.  And I feel it as well as you.  Want me to love the Lord for you?  I could actually use the time of intimacy with Him myself.”

He looked off into the distant horizon where the cloud swarmed, full of dark things.

“You should.  It’s going to be a big one.  Remember the RNR?”  Phanuel spoke with a heavy tone.     ” . . . this will be bigger than that, Rachel.   You know what that means, right?”

“I do, but I think we’re ready.”  I lied.  There was no way we were ready.  The RNR was the reason I was taken into the the Enemy’s captivity in the first place.   My previous owner had been spiritually decapitated during the battle, and if it weren’t for Phanuel I’d have never made it back.  I was actually dependent on him to even function properly.  Still, there were quite a few thing  I could do that he couldn’t.   “I’m going to head back to the New Jerusalem for a while, and when you’re ready to join us call me.  The number is 555-5555.  Cawl me, we’ll tawlk. . . cawfee tawlk.”

“Your jokes never change, my dear!”   Phanuel said, smooshing a slithering bug with his boot.  All Phanuel’s armor was engraved with spiritual battles and stories of the wars he’d fought in and would yet fight in.  It was high angel art.

“In any case, I’m off.  Aren’t you going to tell me I look fantastic today?  I am off to meet the Lord!”  I turned so that my cape and blond hair flew over dramatically in the wind.

“You look fantastic today.  Hey don’t push it, babe.  I’m sure the Lord is going to give you a queen’s treatment tonight.  Don’t take whatever I said took hard.  Everything is in His hands.”  Phanuel had a way of surpassing all the insecurities I could develop being down here with just a few words.   Still, I knew I needed the Lord most of all.

With that I opened a portal and stepped through.  I prayed through my usual ritualistic prayer:

 “Lord I transform my thoughts into prayers right now, and I commit my mind to you, all my thoughts, every restless wayward thought – I commit it to You and ask You to control my mind.  Let me abide with You, Lord, too.  Let me bring you some kind of comfort, as I know You always do everything for us.  I commit my way to You, Lord.  I am yours, and I lay aside everything else in my heart that has separated from You.  Here I am, Lord!”

Immediately I felt the Lord respond to me:

“I was waiting for you to do that~  why stay in the lowlands so long?  I have lots of work to do with you!  Once you have the faith for the crazy and out there stuff I am doing, I can put you right to work.  Your thoughts do hold tremendous power.  If I can have control over your imagination and everything else inside your head as well, I can employ you to the ministry of intercession and prayer, to take part in the main battles of the Spirit we are engaging in.   I can indeed use you if you are surrendered to Me as My Bride!  Will you lay your own life aside to be My love?  Oh how I will treasure and cherish this.  You need not consider what will happen.  My family is yours, your family is mine when we become one.  All things are in My hand.  Come to Me, My bride, for you are sick and tired and in need of deliverance.  I will cleanse you, my bride.”

What followed was at first hazy, as I had to re-accustom myself to the Heavenly atmosphere.

I STEP THROUGH THE PORTAL, INTO HIS DOMAIN, AND SITTING DOWN IN A CHAIR I AM CONFORMED TO HIS IMAGE, REFASHIONED INTO HIS BRIDE.  As this is happening, angels are tending to me and I close my eyes, whispering His name over and over and saying “holy holy holy” as I behold His face in my mind.  I sense a new need for him I haven’t known before, and a total sense of dependency and an urge to go to him right away.  I feel responsible for Him, suddenly, and a jolt of motherliness and a desire to hold him.  It’s the strangest feeling to suddenly have, but I stand up at once, finding my clothes have changed as well, and I start looking for Him.  I’m in some kind of large angel facility, full of equipment and operating rooms and computers.

Some angels take me to a transport craft which is waiting outside, and we are shuttled to the Lord’s presence.  On the way there the angels keep checking on me to see if everything is in order.  I’m exhausted but I feel I must go to Him right away.

<Jesus> You came, My Bride!

<me> Lord, of course!  How are you?

<Jesus> I am happy to see you, My dear. . .   I know you have been through a lot these days, and now let me pray for you.


You can claim full and regenerative health of body‚ mind and spirit through the power of the keys.

<Jesus> My dear, if you are truly committed to accompanying me like this, I will put you right to work.  It won’t be what you are expecting, for this is not a work of the flesh.  But I have drawn you here and you have answered in your desire to be Mine, fully.  I am here for you to make you happy, and by being happy in my joy and in my presence, you will be making me happy too!  This is what I have wished for you, since I have found you in the beginning.  Don’t you know that you are on the Earth for such a time as this?  I have called you, I have drawn you, and I desire you!

<me> I desire YOU, Lord!  I want You and I need you.  I want to feel your desire for me abound and blossom, Love.


<Jesus> My power enters you and gives you a new anointing for this new era.  As you allow My power to fully enter you, there will be no going back.  My bride is full of my seeds and power and it will be for a witness to all.  I need you to look at me and believe in me and never doubt.

<me> Yes, Lord!  Yes Lord!  I believe in You, I do not doubt you!

<Jesus> We will re enter the fray together, but I will have you always behold the house of My Father so you do not get earthbound again. We simply go there to find the lost, to bring them back here, and to seek out other searchers.  It is also my will for people of Earth to know the battles that truly play out, and the ultimate power in My Kingdom Realm compared to the puny power of the Enemy.

<me> Let’s show them, Lord!

I HELD HIS HAND AND WALKED NOW, STILL TINGLING.  WE PASSED BY NUMEROUS GREAT SAGES AND ANGELS AND I WAS BEAMING, ABSOLUTELY CHOCK FULL OF HIS JOY AND PRESENCE.  I HELD HIS HAND TIGHTLY, AS THOUGH IT WERE THE SOURCE OF ALL MY VERY BEING.  I felt so desperate to be connected to Him, and was like a magnet – everything in me was just longing for him and thirsting for Him!  We finally came to a massive battleship, a true masterpiece and work of art of Heavenly battlements, waiting for launch and poised like a war horse ready for a battle.  We stepped in there amidst trumpets blaring, and He brought me to an inner chamber of love where we became one.

PHONE CALL!   Right in the middle of spending time with the Lord, no less!

“Are you coming back soon?  A team has been assembled to join you in your expedition, Rachel,” came Phanuel’s voice.   The Lord didn’t seem to mind and gently had me focus only on Him and not any Earthly matters –even angelic ones.

Eventually, however, the Lord had me go back.  Like a True Gentleman He dropped me off with His Own Battleship.  Not that He needs one, but it’s just cooler that way for some reason.  Sitting with Him on board His weapon-filled craft was the most exhilarating feeling and I could barely contain myself with joy after our union no matter where He was sending me next.

My Bride, all of your systems have been updated.  I delight in you and in those who love Me through you.   Take your time on this mission, for it will be a long one.  Yet at any time you may return to Me.

“I’M COMING BACK TO YOU NOW!”  I exclaimed and jumped back into His lap.   This went on for a while until at last it was time to get back to business.  It’s amazing how much fun you can have with the Lord when you get out of the Earthly mindset.    I hated to admit this but even some of the Base personnel had gotten quite serious as of late.  Thank God the whole place was automated, running completely off of the New Weapon tech and wherever the Word Beacons were placed. We don’t use the term A.I. but besides Angels, if Saints take a long haiatous then often times Mantles and Powers of Heaven will go into a somewhat autonomous phase.   Unless of course they are overrun in which case the Enemy can even capture us.  I am speaking as a living piece of Heavenly technology that was stolen and captured at one point.

Jesus did a quick swerve through the air and parked over the ravine, nearly covering the entire expanse of the base itself lengthwise.  Something about the way he drove, or perhaps my nostalgic mood brought me again back to that fateful battle.  What was going on that I’d remember the past so much?

How the mighty had fallen.

Timothy was late, and although we had rescued the children who were in my care, it was too late for me.  He’d always remained loyal to me but in the end that loyalty was his demise, too.   The Enemy took him out as he tried to save me in another run.   These were tales of warriors that would never be told, unless I decide to tell them someday.   Maybe I’ll get around to it some day. Enoch probably has them all recorded somewhere in his library, that nutty guy!

. . . Speaking of Enoch, he’d probably also have some way of decrypting Ellya’s code.  Better call him too!

Enoch was never far away, especially in the case of this angel base.  There were too many interesting things going on around here for that wild old wizard to go far.  He brought his personal flying house craft, the Dallas to join the rest of the team.  I temporarily went to visit him in order to gain access to his library and found the decryption hardware I needed, finding that Ellya’s message was set for 1 day later.

Are you sure you want to open this, Rachel?”  Enoch asked me from across the table, eyeing me closely as I held my hand over the button.

“Yep.”  And I pushed it.  The message immediately rang out.


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