Ellya, the Woman of the Wind

I started getting this ­vision, which was very heavy. I was crying through it, and I couldn’t talk. It was a ­vision of a very powerful woman angel or spirit helper who was like part of the wind, kind of like a tornado or a hurricane or something‚ and part of her body was coming out of it. You couldn’t see her feet‚ but her arms and her clothing were all a very powerful wind, almost like a storm, but with a good spirit.

17. She was saying, “Call on the power of the keys. You have to say, ‘We call on the power of the keys.’ You have to say the words, ‘We call on the power of the keys for healing.’” She just kept saying that … and right then Misty said the same thing in the first line of her prayer, “We call on the power of the keys.” I don’t know what she was, but she was very significant and she was saying, “That’s what you have to do. You have to say this specifically.”

18. She was beckoning and calling—not frantic, but very impassioned, saying, “You have to just call on the power of the keys”—like if you don’t, it won’t do any good. “You have to say these words‚” and then Misty said the exact words. (End of vision.)


19. (Mama:) We knew this was significant and so we asked the Lord, “Sweet Husband, could You please speak more about this woman? Who is she? What does she represent or stand for? What does she have to do with the keys? Does she have a message to give? Do You have anything to say about her? Could You please also tell us more about the little she said about the words to use when calling on the power of the keys? Is there more to it? Are there more words we should say to harness the power of the keys?”

20. (Jesus speaking:) The woman you saw in your vision is a spirit of great power, a spirit of the wind and the air, a spirit of the whisperings and pleadings of My Spirit. She is like unto the spirits portrayed as gods and goddesses of old in Greek and Roman mythology, but she is real and she exists today! She represents the new era of greater miracles and greater works, specifically concerning the power of the keys and what they can do for you, My children.

21. Her name is Ellya [pronounced ELL-yah]. She has been in existence from almost the beginning of time. She has stayed close to My heart and My side‚ and has always pled My cause. During the time of the great division in Heaven, when ­Lucifer chose to leave My side and the calling I had entrusted to him, Ellya pled and reasoned with her fellow angels and spirits of the heavens to remain true and faithful. During the great confusion and the evil times of Noah’s day, she also pled with the world to forsake their sins and to turn to Me. This she has done through the ages, at every turn‚ without ceasing.

22. Because of her great love and sacrifice in pleading with both men and angels countless times, I have given her great power. Her power comes from her desire to see all life, humans and spirits alike‚ follow Me and walk aright. In following and yielding one’s will to Me, there is great power. Likewise, there is even more power granted to one who not only follows Me, but seeks to persuade others to do the same. This is the deep secret of Ellya’s power.

23. Since the beginning of time, Ellya has taken on many forms. Whatever form best suited her mission, she has become. Now you see her as the woman of the wind, graceful and beautiful‚ yet powerful and awesome. She carries great strength, and her very being is absorbed by and is one with the power of the wind. The atmos­phere moves and erupts wherever she goes, yet it is a Godly power—a demonstration of My great power through one who is set to fulfill her present mission.

24. She has taken on the form of the wind in order to whisper the secrets of the keys to you, My children, everywhere. The wind and the air is always around you. Ellya is also always around you in some form, for as the woman of the wind‚ she is connected and extended throughout every current of air, every gust of wind, every storm and the surrounding calm. In essence, she can be everywhere through this vehicle, although she herself‚ her full presence and being, is not always there.

25. Her mission is to draw you, My children, toward the keys. Her mission is to plead with you, to show you‚ to teach you, to beg you to use the keys, and to use them properly. You have much to learn about the keys. Ellya is versed in all knowledge and wisdom concerning the keys. I have put My mind and heart concerning the keys within her for this very task. Her soul mirrors Mine in her deep desire to enlighten your hearts and turn them toward the keys. She will use all the power she possesses to draw your attention to the keys.

26. Ellya represents the power in the Heavenlies that you can have on the Earth, within the carnal and natural realm of man. You can receive the same power that she possesses‚ to be applied in spiritual and miraculous ways in your service for Me. Though not all the spiritual manifestations of her power are available to you, such as her ability to change form and manner, you can possess the deep power of the keys just as she does, which provide her with all the strength and command that she is known for.

27. Hear her calling to you, begging you to use the keys! She knows that you want to use the keys, that you have faith in them and long to see that faith manifested in tangible miracles and marvels. She wants to teach you how to use the keys, like an old and revered sword that has done much battle and never seen defeat, so that your skill can be sharpened, your power activated, your spiritual resources never-ending, and your own weak self turned into a champion that is undefeat­able. This is all reality, My loves.

28. She now gives you your first lesson: the proper way in which to call on the keys. I will let her speak for herself, for her pleading has reached your heart and she is impassioned and persuasive. Listen to her words well, for once you have been under her tutelage, only your lack of faith and unbelief will limit you. I have given her My permission to doubly empower those who cling to her words, who hunger and thirst after her instruction, and who do as she pleads. Ellya is part of the full activation process of the keys that are available to you. You will learn more as time goes on, as you obey the first steps that are shown to you, and look for more.

29. I am very pleased that you have found this great treasure and have inquired after it. In listening to Me and receiving the training that I have ordained Ellya to give you, your understanding of the keys will grow tremendously, and you will advance quickly. She will teach and explain to you one lesson at a time. She will not give you more than a simple instruction in one sitting, and she will wait for you to absorb and implement what she has given before she is permitted to dispense more. This is My command, because the gift of the keys is so priceless, and I will only give it to those who are respectful of My Words, and those who are willing to be taught and instructed.

30. Many will hunger and lust after the power of the keys. As My children advance in their use of the keys and learn to harness the untold power of the keys, others will seek after the keys in order to twist their use toward personal glory and fame. These will be eager to learn, to be instructed‚ to follow the steps to power. But they will find none. The keys are only activated through sincerity of heart, and without the quality of a deep love for Me‚ dedication, and yieldedness to Me‚ the keys give no power. The keys know the heart of a believer, and they will not be deceived or made a mockery of by selfish and power-hungry users.

31. There are other gifts that I have given those in the world‚ both Christians and non–Christians—gifts of special powers, healing, discernment‚ mind-reading, connection with the spirit world‚ extreme knowledge, and many others. But the gift of the keys is only for those who go further—who love Me, who live for Me, and who give their lives for Me. The gift of the keys is for My Endtime disciples.

32. So seek within your own heart for the desire to be a disciple. The power of the keys will equal your commitment to discipleship, and not only your commitment, but your day-to-day living. As you dedicate yourself, and live your dedication daily, the power will come to you in the same measure. Then you must harness it and utilize it. These are the guidelines and the conditions of the keys of the Kingdom. (End of message from Jesus.)

Call on the Power of the Keys!

33. (Ellya speaking:) Whisss‚ whisss, whisper of the wind! I call, I cry, I chant. I find your ear and a listening heart, and the power glows. I feel it deep within me, inside of my heart and innermost being. I pulse. The wind quiets. It is time to share the secrets of the keys with those for whom the power is intended.

34. This is one of the most priceless gifts ever given to man. Aside from the gift of salvation, when Jesus came to Earth to give His life for your sins, and the gift of the Holy Spirit, which God bestowed upon you when Jesus departed, the gift of the keys grants you an unparalleled wonder.

35. As My Lover and King has told you, I long to tell you how to call on the keys. First, you must understand that the keys of the Kingdom are real. They exist. They are not a mere symbol, nor some sort of ornamental representation. They are a real and living, vibrant entity. The keys are alive, and they represent our Savior’s spirit and all the power of Heaven, which can never be conquered. When you call on the keys, remember that you are calling on a living, moving, powerful, spiritual phenomenon. The keys of the Kingdom have been granted power by God, and they release power in return. When you call on the keys, they will unleash power on your behalf.

36. You must call specifically on the power of the keys, or the power of the keys of the Kingdom. The more specific you are, the better. The keys are activated in part by faith, and the more faith you demonstrate in calling on the keys by name, showing that you believe they are real and exist, the more responsive power you will receive.

37. Say these words in your prayers and times of intercession, when you are asking for great things‚ for the marvelous works promised to you in the era of action‚ the era of miracles‚ the era of greater works‚ the era of no impossibilities, the era of rising above. These are some of the words of power, and as you speak these words, your prayers will be taken straight to the keys, and will return with power and the miracles you have asked for.

• “I call on the power of the keys.”

• “We claim the power of the keys of the Kingdom.”

• “I take hold of the power of the keys.”

• “Release the power of the keys into our hands.”

• “Deliver the power of the keys unto us, for Your glory.”

• “We harness the power of the keys of the Kingdom.”

• “We reach out to the power of the keys.”

38. When you begin to pray‚ you must specify that you are calling on the power of the keys. Say those words in your first or second sentence. The power does not come on until you call for it. Avail yourself of the power of the keys from the moment you begin interceding. That is the first step. That opens the door for miracles. So call! Call on the power of the keys. Say the words. You cannot harness the power of the keys if you do not call on them by name. They beg to be used, but they must be called upon by name.

39. Until our next meeting‚ then! I will whisper and remind you to call on the keys, and when you have learned this‚ seek for the next whispering. (End of message from Ellya.)

Text box:

40. (Jesus speaking:) I know that some of you wonder about the keys of the Kingdom‚ and whether you truly need their power, for have I not said that you could even move mountains with but a mustard seed of faith? It is true that you have great power simply by knowing Me and being able to claim the promises of My Word through your obedience. But the keys grant you even greater power, and give you the ability to use it more readily and easily!

41. Think of it as if it were a major upgrade on your computer hardware or software. You may have been able to do some things on your computer before, but the upgrade gives you the ability to do much more, and to do it faster and easier. The keys of the Kingdom are an upgrade to your power in every way, and you will see this increased power manifested as you call on them, claim their power, and put them to use! (End of message from Jesus.)


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