Dr.O- Traveling In The Spirit vs. Astral Travel


4 thoughts on “Dr.O- Traveling In The Spirit vs. Astral Travel

  1. simpletruth4today

    His book is endorsed by Ian Clayton which tells me he’s part of the same circle of people. I haven’t read this book but I looked on amazon and was able to read some of the content. It is interesting to note that it does make reference to the Jewish Kabbalah so I’d look into this a lot deeper if I were you. It does have a spirit about it but it’s certainly not the Holy Spirt that’s for sure!


    1. I’d like to check it out deeper, I know there’s a lot of controversy around this guy and the whole mystic crowd. In the spirit of my grandfather I’d like to reach out to this new charismatic movement and help direct it some. It certainly could become off centered if people only keep their eyes on the gifts of the Spirit… and other stuff rather than their relationship with the Lord, that’s for sure.


      1. simpletruth4today

        I can’t really find a lot of info on him actually but one thing that should ring alarm bells to people surely is the amount of money that these people are making! Take a look on his YT channel here: http://www.aactev8.com/pages/courses He is offering these courses to people as some kind of weird stuff that all looks like the occult if you ask me; the first one is free of course, that’s to get people hooked, but then look at the prices rise – one as much as $700! Oh, and then there are their sell-out tours and book sales to add to all of that which all adds up to a nice little earner and comfortable lifestyle doesn’t it, no wonder he can afford those mega-seized rings he wears (mega-sized ego perhaps!) – funny, because it all looks like a business to me of which Jesus is a means to an end, a mere product! It’s really just worldliness (status symbols) and the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life that is not of the Father, but is of the world! Anyway, you should check these people out for yourself and don’t just listen to me ha! Personally though, I think that this is all designed to distract people’s minds away from the pure and wonderful intimate relationship that they should be seeking with Jesus every day and to set them on the path of self-elevation, to the attainment of higher spiritual levels in our so-called spiritual evolution, leaving the rest of the unenlightened church behind! This of course all appealing to people’s sense of pride – “Ye shall be as gods!”


      2. I know and believe me I do take precautions, as I did when first meeting the Family and studying the MO Letters! Now I’m interested in getting deeper with what David started –and we left off! Thank you for your input here, sorry if I’m double commenting, perhaps wordpress didn’t show my previous reply

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