Many are called, few are chosen.  God is calling you but you gotta choose to be chosen!  Above is the latest youtube video from the Knight of the Priestess channel.  Here is the podcast RSS Feed and direct link (basically just the audio of what is being uploaded to Youtube several times daily).  What I’m doing with this site is channeling many of the latest relevant warriors out there in the way of WordPress and YouTubes.  Scroll down and you’ll see regularly updated material that is current and vital to sealing the death of the NWO Illuminati Scumbags as well as helping you find a better relationship with Jesus!

Fringe Radio Youtube:


The Livingstone Man

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Update August 9th 2016: My brother TJ’s family runs an orphanage in Zambia which is in dire need of help, if you want to donate something into a 100% legit operation, this is the place!   Once I know they’re doing well, I’ll think of transferring extra funding into getting some proper equipment around here, such as upgrade the hamsters to gerbils (that run the electronic system generators to power this blog and youtube channel)!

My Good Brothah Truth Seekah.  Check out his site!

Face Like The Sun – Gonz’s youtube channel updated near-daily on NWO topics from a Christian perspective.

The Intrepid Hagmanns!  Excellent Father and Son daily investigative report.

SkyWatch!  This is kind of a Christian InfoWars network headed by Tom Horn.  Pray for them!

Corbett Report

Today’s Solar System/Earth Weather Report

Dan Duvall in Discovering the Truth with Dan Duvall!

Brother Kent Hovind has come out swinging in a non-stop internet witnessing rampage since his time in prison.

This channel is devoted to exposing the NWO involvement with Japan and is full of interesting historical resources connected to this topic.

Most Recent Tribulation Now Radio, hosted by dear Brother Jerhhhn the Berrrptisterrhhh!!!  TN is a show that discloses tons of info related to the End Time.  I’ve reached out to him and spoken with his staff on occasion.  Check it out!

Mike Parson’s youtube sessions with people learning how to operate in the Spirit Realm.   Pretty hefty meaty stuff but worth checking out!

Kerry Cassidy: I don’t agree with the New Age perspectives of Project Camelot, but their interviews often unveil crucial intel.

Michael Heiser

Russ Dizdar – Shatter the Darkness!

Cosmic Polymath – Education on a whole host of superb topics

Johnny Iron Show

True Ancient History – Noah

Endtimes Mama

Cast ’em Off Radio

Cosmic Polymath

Insights of god

divine revelations

Steve Quayle

Nu Beat

Jerry Lee “The Manifester”

The Mighty Dreaded Drudge Report

Ian Clayton

Justin Abraham

Weekend Vigilante

New Wine Magazine


The God Journey is what started a lot of us Fringe Christians on an even fringier path: that of entering the borderless spiritual path with nothing but God and each other (no more organization)

Holly Baglio is the only consistent Christian former Super Soldier that we know.  She’s very consistent with continuing the online truth fight!

Tony Floyd the Spirit Warring Cowboy of Heaven!  Listen to some of the most fascinating conversations EVER on the Fringe Radio Network, just type in SpiritWars and Tony Floyd.

Our Dear Time-Traveling Companion, FireWalker144 regularly live-streams here!