Under the Fragment Rug

Mystic Mama Storm

WARNING: May trigger fragments as it has to deal with deep emotional trauma.

I am sharing this because I believe God wants to use it to bring healing and freedom to many who struggle with deep pain. If being vulnerable about my own inner journey of healing helps someone else discover how deeply Jesus can heal them, then it is worth it. God desires for us all to be set free and whole. Even when were are struggling deep inside one thing to know is that you are still a powerful person that God wants to use. The important thing is to learn that we need to separate our past form our future. We are sons and daughters of God and he has so much he wants to do in us. During that journey, He wants to come and slowly heal these deep places in us. This is part of…

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The Role of Bias in the Origins Debate – Video by Brian Forbes + Powerpoint

Ancient Patriarchs

By Brian Forbes

I aim to show that any evidence presented to us will invariably take a back seat to the fertility of the soil in our hearts. It is our bias that determines what we are able to see and accept for evidence.

Bias defined:  An emotional inclination to a particular view. Bias will often influence how you accept or reject evidence. Any position that has allowed for human evaluation will include bias. The question is not if there is bias. The question is what does your bias support. …and I can prove it.

Science is supposed to be based in objectivity – raw facts that lead to unemotional conclusions. The scientific method can be traced through:

  • René Descartes – who rid his mind of all bias
  • Francis Bacon – who described science in terms of cause and effect (experiments)
  • Karl Popper – falsifiability

They defined how we can

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Full Text of Eusebius’ Chronicle Chronicon Proving the Patriarchs & the Flood

Ancient Patriarchs

[i] Eusebius, (ca. 263-ca. 339) author of the Chronicle translated below, was a major Christian author and cleric of the fourth century. His other writings, many of which have survived, include the Ecclesiastical History, the Life of Constantine, historical, martyrological, apologetic, dogmatic, exegetical, and miscellaneous works. Although originally written in Greek, his important Chronicle (Chronography, or Chronicon) has survived fully only in an Armenian translation of the 5th century, of which our present edition is a translation. A fifth century Latin translation (known as Jerome’s Chronicle) contains only the second part of Eusebius’ two-part work, namely the chronological tables which accompany the text of Book One. Nonetheless, the Latin translation of the chronological tables is invaluable, since the beginning and ending of the corresponding Armenian parts of Book Two are damaged. Reflecting 5th century Armenia’s multi-lingual cultural milieu, Eusebius’ Chronicle initially was translated into Armenian from the original Greek, then…

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How Come Grenfell is Still Standing?

The Paradise Post - REAL World News From Taiwan

Nick Kollerstrom — June 15, 2017
After it turned into a raging inferno, Grenfell tower showed no sign of collapsing. Were the laws of physics somehow suspended?      So how come the WTC Towers collapsed in nine seconds on 9/11, falling into their own footprint?
‘National Institute of Standards and Technology’ NIST have been discredited by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (particularly since their investigation stops at the point where collapse of the Twin Towers is supposed to have begun but ignores the rest of the collapse) – see their report: ‘Beyond Mis-information’. Also they have now pointed out that the weight of structure above the point of impact of the planes was only 4.5% of total tower structure (mass of support structure increasing as you would expect the further down you go). This means that if the steel…

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116 Million African Children Vaccinated for 37 Polio cases WORLDWIDE! (Will they get children or even survive?)

The Paradise Post - REAL World News From Taiwan

The World Health Organization said Friday 116 million children are to receive polio vaccines in 13 countries in west and central Africa as part of efforts to eradicate the disease on the continent.

“The synchronised vaccination campaign, one of the largest of its kind ever implemented in Africa, is part of urgent measures to permanently stop polio on the continent,” the WHO said.

The programme will see all children under the age of five in 13 countries immunised from Saturday “in a coordinated effort to raise childhood immunity to polio,” it added.

The countries are Benin, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Ivory Coast, Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria and Sierra Leone.

Once a worldwide scourge, polio is still endemic in three countries—Nigeria, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

This year, the WHO has recorded four cases of polio—two each in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Last year, there were…

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Dear America, Your warship just got turned into the worlds biggest “Rubber Duck”

The Paradise Post - REAL World News From Taiwan

Posted by bananaman

Well, who could have seen this coming?. While the US has been bombing goats and rocks in Afghanistan and Syria with the odd misplaced precision guided bomb on Syrian soldiers someone has been developing the technology to shut down the Byte.

We problem is we have no idea who did it this time i expect? So what did happen?

A fully armed operating and manned US warship in a scenario where they could expect to be attacked by a number of threats including, Israeli planes accidentally attacking the ship (think) or a small Iranian gunboat, perhaps even a pissed Yemeni in a fishing boat of the sort that hit the Saudi ship. Obviously there are also Russian and Chinese threats in the area if we are to believe they would directly threaten US military “might”.  It…

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Thai-Russian Cooperation Seeks Thai Alternatives to Facebook, Google

The Paradise Post - REAL World News From Taiwan

Joseph Thomas – NEO – Russian and Thai telecom interests have begun preliminary discussions toward creating local alternatives to social network and Internet search giants Facebook and Google in Thailand. The move, if successful, would represent another step toward breaking Facebook and Google’s monopoly over international information space and set further precedent for nation-states to take responsibility for their own respective information space.

Thailand’s The Nation would report in an article titled, “Russia keen to offer network, search services,” that:

Russia’s Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications has proposed offering social network and search engine services in Thailand based on Russian platforms. 

Takorn Tantasith, the secretary-general of the National Broadcasting and Telecom-comunications Commission, said this week that the Russian ministry proposed that both countries seek ways to set up a holding firm in Thailand to provide the services here, with the partners to share revenue from these services. 

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