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Many are called, few are chosen.  Above is the latest youtube video from the KeyBlades channel.  On the right are the latest blogs from my fellow Heaven Patriots and I.  The pages on the top represent different spiritual materials that are available.
I’m hoping to share my faith and discipleship with as many as are interested!  Is God calling you?

Some of the Latest from the InfoWar:

Face Like The Sun – Gonz’s youtube channel updated near-daily on NWO topics from a Christian perspective.

InfoWars Channel

The Intrepid Hagmanns!  Excellent Father and Son daily investigative report.

Corbett Report

Today’s Solar System/Earth Weather Report

Terry Bennet’s latest Tube:  Terry is a traveling speaker that has repeatedly warned of judgement coming to America and the place of the Bride in the End Times

Most Recent Tribulation Now Radio, hosted by dear Brother Jerhhhn the Berrrptisterrhhh!!!  TN is a show that discloses tons of info related to the End Time.  I’ve reached out to him and spoken with his staff on occassion.  Check it out

Mike Parson’s youtube sessions with people learning how to operate in the Spirit Realm.   Pretty hefty meaty stuff but worth checking out!

Matthew Miller’s Prophetico: amazing Bible studies and in-depth insights with some other brethren.

Dear Sister Karen’s Youtube channel where she regularly shares her faith with boldness!

Johnny Iron Show

True Ancient History – Noah


Cast ’em Off Radio

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