The Battle for Nepal


Calling all prayer warriors….   

The spiritual warfare around Nepal has raged for several millennia.  This is a time of great upheaval and change. 

As the Kingdom of God has been making huge strides of progress in recent months, the dark forces are scrambling to keep their hold in this country.

Having just returned from Kathmandu a few weeks before, I can say with certainty that every little bit you give into Nepal will go a long way.   Every Gospel tract given, little prayer,  and now even more so I see the weight of a single coin into their endeavor  to rebuild after this terrible devastation and how far that can go to help.  

Got money?  Donate!    I know some trustworthy  folks there who would ensure it gets into the right people’s hands.

Got faith?  Pray, with authority!  Nepal is like a Lamborghini sitting in a rusty locked tool shed.    There’s a Nepali guy outside who rightfully owns it but the jerk who locked the shed is still around.  Let’s muster up some fire and get rid of the barriers that have held back Nepal so we can see Her fulfill her destiny, dude! 

But first we need to help heal,  rebuild, and love the precious Nepalis during this dark time


Here are some good methods of sending help-  Stephen Lee’s Everest Region Project

Matthew Suroya’s Masiya ministry

and my dear young Nepali friends’ efforts to provide emergency relief and medicine


Happy’s Anointed Prayer for Nepal

Greetings in Jesus’ Name

Just want to say that we learned about Nepal’s earthquake and are claiming the Keys for all our brethren over there all the children of the Lord in Nepal and all the people there too, and all the people you minister too

Jesus will rise up with Victory over this disaster.


Dear Lord help all the meek people of the earth protect them from all the forces of the evil one, and comfort the ones that lost their loved ones in this time of trial may they find you and also encourage your children and strengthen their faith in you- do miracles for them- because you are their Heavenly Father their guardian, Lord we know that the earth will keep suffering due to man’s sins turning their backs towards you in their own greed and evil imagination of their hearts, but protect your little ones deliver them oh Mighty one, Lord of Hosts show your power I claim the Power of the Heavens through the Keys of the Kingdom. In Jesus precious Name Amen.

Dear Jesus in your Word it says that greater works that what you did we will do becuase you go unto the Father and that you and the Father are one I claim now those great works, to destroy all the power of the enemy over Nepal Lord the enemy is furious because many are turning to you, Lord I claim that many more will come close to you, dear Jesus, I destroy by faith all the works of the devil, destroy all the devil’s works in Nepal all the evil plots in Nepal, may Nepal be a haven for many against the enemy that the leaders of that country take the right decisions not thedecisions made under pressure, Jesus You promised that there would be countries that would be a safe haven in the time of great trouble over the earth, Lord have your hand over there for the sake of the meek and the sake of your children. I claim the Keys of strength and wisdom and guidance, Lord in your word it says that is nothing to thee to help whether with many or with them that have no power, rise up paladins for the truth there in Nepal, in your precious Name Jesus I know that you will do this and much more, Amen.

“God is our refuge and strength a very pleasent help in trouble therefore will not we fear though the earth be removed, though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea though the waters thereof uproar and be troubled though the mountain shake with the swelling there of”     Psalm 46 1-3

Let’s keep claiming the keys for the Lord’s children everywhere

Is Spirit Traveling of God?

Ian Clayton talks about how you can lose crowns of your Christian walk due to others putdowns and whatnot.  May we never cease to be like little children, even quoteunquote Daydream to be in that realm as children often use their imaginations.  I’ve had numerous experiences with this and have begun to reach out to people who are doing it.  I’ve gotta say, the Bible can be used as a gate to go there.  Praise and prayer as well.  Nothing is impossible to those that believe but we must lay aside dear of man’s opinions and all religious spirits.  Churchianity is in my opinion the biggest obstacle to walking in the fullness of what the Holy Spirit has to offer.  So let’s lay aside our boring old flesh and enter our heavenly time traveling interdimensional spirit ships, baby!  Hallelujah cowabunga revolution 4 Jesus 2015!

「St Matthew Passion – Matthäus-Passion BWV 244 | (Complete) (Full Concert) (J. S. Bach)」

Praise and worship at the foot of our King’s passionate suffering place.  . . Read the lyrics and worship and find a quiet place to gift back some tears of love for His gift… This is in my opinion the pinnacle of artistic achievement following the protestant reformation. It was composed in relative obscurity in the forests of Germany and only discovered a generation later by Felix Mendelssohn. Mendelssohn himself being an accomplished and genius composer brought this work and others of Bach’s into public knowledge. It’s said that he memorized every refrain of this great work…. in my opinion Bach’s Magnum opus.

My own honorable father himself regained his faith during a dark period by listening to the entire volume on record and consequently learned German and began taking us to Lutheran church when I was but a wee lad.