The Alex Jones Show (VIDEO Commercial Free) Monday October 27 2014: Steve Quayle, Joel Gilbert


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On this Monday, October 27 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex examines how Democrats, facing dismal poll numbers due to Obama’s unpopularity, are desperately ramping up their rhetoric as the mid-term elections approach, which may cost them control of the U.S. Senate. In one absurd example, a Democratic Party boss suggested that the Tea Party is “scarier” than both Ebola and ISIS. Joining the show to explain the flaws in progressive ideology is filmmaker Joel Gilbert, whose latest documentary, There’s No Place Like Utopia, explains how progressivism in general only changes society for the worst. Survivalist expert, author and radio host Steve Quayle also joins the show to cover the latest on Ebola and ways your and your family can prepare for a major crisis.

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Podcast: Tomorrow People Session 1

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Our first podcast from our first conference after a 6-month sabbatical. And man, what fire is on it!

The conference was off the charts. The teaching was box breaking. The worship was powerful and heartfelt. And we had the privilege of seeing a major scroll for England land on the second day of the conference, which has totally rocked our world. We are still digesting the fullness of what it means and how we’re meant to respond…


In our first session of the Tomorrow People conference, Ian Clayton speaks about the importance of our physical bodies in Kingdom dynamics. For so many years it has been implied that the body is evil and the spirit is good. But Hebraic thinking is that the body, soul, and spirit are all important and intertwined… and when God made it, it was good!


Have you ever wondered why the transfiguration of Jesus was…

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Ian Clayton-Engaging the Presence of God (Scotland 2014)

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In this podcast Ian Clayton teaches on the importance of pursuing God himself and not experience.  If we just seek experience without knowing God we could easily be deceived and could easily go off course but if we seek God and his friendship first then we will go much farther and will be taken on the most incredible adventure anyone could ever imagine! Engaging with the Presence of God is the most important thing we will ever do! click on the link, Listen and enjoy

Ian Clayton-Engaging the Presence of God (Scotland 2014).

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Google’s New Computer With Human-Like Learning Abilities Will Program Itself

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Are we closer to AI? (Wikipedia)

Are we closer to AI? (Wikipedia)

In college, it wasn’t rare to hear a verbal battle regarding artificial intelligence erupt between my friends studying neuroscience and my friends studying computer science.

One rather outrageous fellow would mention the possibility of a computer takeover, and off they went. The neuroscience-savvy would awe at the potential of such hybrid technology as the CS majors argued we have nothing to fear, as computers will always need a programmer to tell them what to do.

Today’s news brings us to the Neural Turing Machine, a computer that will combine the way ordinary computers work with the way the human brain learns, enabling it to actually program itself. Perhaps my CS friends should reevaluate their position?

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