Scientist Discovers US Population Infected With “Alien” Bacteria

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Morgellons Fibers-a

Bio-engineered, self-replicating “Alien” bacteria.

GEOENGINEERING and BIOENGINEERING: The Unmistakeable Link – Cliff Carnicom
Cliff CarnicomRetired government scientist, Cliff Carnicom’s 2005 documentary, AEROSOL CRIMES continues to provide the most complete description of the destructive assault and terrorism of aerosol bioengineering and geoengineering into into the global environment.

While most aerosol geoengineering activists focus solely on the fallout of heavy metals and weather warfare, Carnicom has taken on the more frightening discovery of bio-engineered, self-replicating filaments associated with covert, aerosol spraying – aka “Chemtrails”


A May 17, 2014 description of Cross-Domain Bacteria (CDB) Isolation, by Clifford E. Carnicom


Wine/Peroxide Test For Presence of CDB Pathogens: 

“I state clearly again that the pathogenic forms under investigation are repeatedly showing up in the general population, regardless of whether certain “skin anomalies” [Morgellons] are present or not.” … 

”  the general population is involved whether…

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Beautiful Prophecy of Encouragement from a Sister!

“I’ll show which door to take, claim the Keys of Wisdom and Strength, stay in tune with my Spirit reach out and receive if you act in My love I’ll bless you according to your faith, give and you shall receive do not close yourself to the guiding of My Spirit and you’ll find my path clearly focus in my Word, there are many jewels, head My voice.
Many things are going to happen five sparks will flare from J…….., I have a tabernacle the Tabernacle of My Spirit watch and pray that ye enter not into temptation, but I have prayed for you that your faith fail not and whence you are converted strengthen your brethren, My Children cry be wise fill yourself with the Word this is the only way that you’ll overflow remember that my Word is alive the Word is my essence I’m the Word of God, keep absorbing and believing yield to My Spirit my ways are not your ways behold I make all things new, don’t hesitate to give My Word because the more you share the more I can pour over you but listen to my wisdom in the world you shall have tribulation but be of good cheer I have overcome the world, remember that you are an overcomer everyday, the hungry look for what is pure do not stop the feeding I see what you are doing and the fear that you have when you don’t bade in my love, I see the attacks the hurts, what happened in your ankle how your armor has been torn in certain areas and how you have clung to me in the difficult times, I have my repairer team if you call on them they know which part needs needs to be strengthened, be not afraid of all the times you didn’t believe don’t focus on that, focus on Me, you been trying hard to rule your life but I have to tell you leave that burden in My shoulders, I have no arms but your arms, no ears but yours, no eyes but yours, that is how you are when you abide in Me and I in you, so my dear call on Me and I will answer you when you feel like crying and when you feel like laughing when you have things figured out and when you are confused, call on Me I’m here every moment we are a pair you need Me and I need you.

Beholding As In A Mirror

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Mike Parsons
with Jeremy Westcott

Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship. And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect (Rom 12:1-2).

We have seen how we can come into Holy Place in the heavenly tabernacle through the cross, through Jesus who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Just as the sacrificial lamb was prepared by the High Priest, so Jesus prepares us daily as a living sacrifice.

Beholding as in a mirror

But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image…

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Lucien’s First Take: Jurassic World


Yay!!! Oops. . . Mind the language, folks..

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I’m gonna level with you about something – Jurassic Park was the first movie I saw in theaters.  I fucking love dinosaurs.  I loved that movie.  The first sequel was…bad.  It was a bad movie.  It wasn’t totally actively terrible.  Julianne Moore was trying to do a good performance.  But she had nothing good to work with.  And Ian Malcolm being in the film bugged the shit out of me or a number of reasons.  I’m about to go all book worm on you.  In the first book, Malcolm died.  When asked where Malcolm was, Muldoon just shook his head.  He was clearly dead.  In the second book (which also existed for no reason), he is suddenly alive again!  How the fuck does that work?!  They don’t even address it!  It annoyed me then and it annoys me now.  That was part of the reason that I didn’t like the…

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Powerful Psalm Against the Illuminati…Psalms 35:28 etc.

Plead my cause, O LORD, with them that strive with me: fight against them that fight against me. 35:2 Take hold of shield and buckler, and stand up for mine help. 35:3 Draw out also the spear, and stop the way against them that persecute me: say unto my soul, I am thy salvation. 35:4 Let them be confounded and put to shame that seek after my soul: let them be turned back and brought to confusion that devise my hurt. 35:5 Let them be as chaff before the wind: and let the angel of the LORD chase them. 35:6 Let their way be dark and slippery: and let the angel of the LORD persecute them. 35:7 For without cause have they hid for me their net in a pit, which without cause they have digged for my soul. 35:8 Let destruction come upon him at unawares; and let his net that he hath hid catch himself: into that very destruction let him fall. 35:9 And my soul shall be joyful in the LORD: it shall rejoice in his salvation. 35:10 All my bones shall say, LORD, who is like unto thee, which deliverest the poor from him that is too strong for him, yea, the poor and the needy from him that spoileth him? 35:11 False witnesses did rise up; they laid to my charge things that I knew not. 35:12 They rewarded me evil for good to the spoiling of my soul. 35:15 But in mine adversity they rejoiced, and gathered themselves together: yea, the abjects gathered themselves together against me, and I knew it not; they did tear me, and ceased not: 35:16 With hypocritical mockers in feasts, they gnashed upon me with their teeth. 35:17 Lord, how long wilt thou look on? rescue my soul from their destructions, my darling from the lions. 35:18 I will give thee thanks in the great congregation: I will praise thee among much people. 35:19 Let not them that are mine enemies wrongfully rejoice over me: neither let them wink with the eye that hate me without a cause. 35:20 For they speak not peace: but they devise deceitful matters against them that are quiet in the land. 35:21 Yea, they opened their mouth wide against me, and said, Aha, aha, our eye hath seen it. 35:22 This thou hast seen, O LORD: keep not silence: O Lord, be not far from me. 35:23 Stir up thyself, and awake to my judgment, even unto my cause, my God and my Lord. 35:24 Judge me, O LORD my God, according to thy righteousness; and let them not rejoice over me. 35:25 Let them not say in their hearts, Ah, so would we have it: let them not say, We have swallowed him up. 35:26 Let them be ashamed and brought to confusion together that rejoice at mine hurt: let them be clothed with shame and dishonour that magnify themselves against me. 35:27 Let them shout for joy, and be glad, that favour my righteous cause: yea, let them say continually, Let the LORD be magnified, which hath pleasure in the prosperity of his servant. 35:28 And my tongue shall speak of thy righteousness and of thy praise all the day long.

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